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Are You A Procrastinator? May 21, 2011

Posted by nikmj in General.

Do you put off ’til later what you should be attending to right away?

These Motivational Words are aimed at those who delay some important tasks until the last moment. Motivational Words will shine a powerful spotlight on the Procrastination Disease and provide a way to ensure it no longer undermines your future.

But first things first, lets pretend we are behavioural psychologists and we are pin-pointing the characteristics of The Procrastinator Personality. If you procrastinate you will be able to place a check mark beside many of these behavioural mannerisms:

* Non-essential activities fill our waking hours while important activities get pushed out of mind.
* Missed targets and deadlines are a recurring reality.
* Putting things off is habitual behaviour for you in that it is regular or ‘normal’ for you to have  several unstarted or incomplete tasks needing your attention.
* You probably experience anxiety which you dislike and resent, yet it takes fairly high levels of pressure (i.e. a close deadline) to force you to take action.
* You may not be particularly focused and clear on what you want. This ’scattered’ mindset allows you to lose sight of important goals and deadlines. Procrastination and being a bit of a dreamer often go hand in hand.
* Procrastination and low self-esteem are intimate bed-fellows, you can’t have one without the other.

If you recognise even two of these behavioural markers of the Procrastinator Personality, then your life is not as great as it could be. You are short-changing yourself. Instead of developing a calm, focused and persistent personality, you are allowing the procrastination habit to sabotage your chances of peace and calm as well as putting your personal success rate into the high risk category.

Congratulations then on admitting that procrastination is a self-defeating habit. Admitting procrastination is the first step in overcoming the problem. The next issue of Motivational Words will provide solutions for dealing with this nasty habit. In the meantime, take action.  I personally recommend a six-week stint of goal-setting. It takes six weeks to break a habit, and focusing on your important tasks and goals will simultaneously eliminate scatteredness and procrastination.

The next issue of Motivational Words deals with how to overcome the procrastination habit.

P.S. If you have anything to share, such as a story that illustrates the high price you have paid for procrastination, be sure to leave a comment at the end of the Motivational Words page. The best way to change is by helping someone else!


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