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An evil combination – Siti Insyak and Namewee September 3, 2010

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I watched Namewee’s “Nah!!!”

Let me start by saying that I loved the beginning part: Come on, give me some kick! Come on! Yes!

Interesting, huh! This shows that he is a very much down-to-earth guy, and has a powerful feel of the social rhythm.

I love his music. He has shown some improvement over the years.

Other than his usual tongue twister rap, Namewee has brought in some sort of nasyid melody, a Middle Eastern sing chanting music that has gained some ground in the local Malay society.

Such combination has brought out an unmistakable local flavour to his latest creation.

If Namewee works with Siti Nurhaliza, matching his nasyid composition with Siti’s favourite Chinese numbers such as “Honey Sweet” and “The Moon Represents My Heart”, I’m pretty sure this combo will fully illustrate the 1 Malaysia spirit if played at the Merdeka celebration.

Didn’t Namewee himself say he supported 1 Malaysia?

Unfortunately, Namwee’s partner isn’t Siti Nurhaliza, but Siti Inshah, the infamous headmistress who shot to fame with her “back to China” remark.

What a rotten combination.

This specific Siti wants Chinese Malaysians to “go back to China,” and Namewee reciprocated by offering her some “bananas,” accompanied with a string of middle-finger gestures.

There are, of course, supporters and opponents to Namewee’s indecent display of the middle finger.

Since her incensed “back to China” remark was made, Siti Inshah has inflamed the Chinese community.

But if you think such emotion is universal, you are very wrong!

Siti has many fans cheering for her on Facebook and blogs, and Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali even paid her a visit to show his avid support.

Funny! How could such a distorted value ever hold water in our society, you might argue.

In a similar manner, while Namewee’s “Nah!!!” sends many roaring with excitement, there are many who dismiss it as utterly derogatory and provocative.

Even as the Chinese community in general loathes Perkasa, there are people suggesting the establishment of a similar Chinese organisation to fight Perkasa.

It is predictable that more people will take sides and fall into either camp and get embroiled in increasingly intense confrontation.

Sure enough Siti Inshah has done something very wrong, but Namewee has responded in an equally brainless way, too.

It is within anyone’s expectation that someone is bound to launch an even more aggressive assault on Namewee in the days to come.

Is there an end to the entire mess?

I have no idea which way we are heading to, but it is most definitely not going to be a happy ending.

Siti is indeed wrong, but Namewee is also a problematic child. We need to judge extremist expressions with the same set of criteria.

To respond to Siti’s abusive act, we ought to convince the public with rationality and reasoning that she is wrong, not vulgarisms and finger-pointing, for this will only incite sympathy for Siti.

I hope Namewee will come to understand this, and make good use of his superior creativity to uplift himself as well as our society, so that someday different communities in this country will be able to appreciate his artistic talents like the way we appreciate Siti Nurhaliza. — mysinchew.com


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