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RPK dedah kaitan KJ (SCOMI) dengan projek nuklear Libya July 13, 2010

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Since KJ had asked RPK to expose what RPK claimed about KJ, now this is the first round of the claim that links KJ (through SCOPE, a SCOMI company where KJ owned) produced in Malaysia Today.

Click here to see the evidence1
Lets read some excerpt from that article

On 20th February 2004, about three months after Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took over as Prime Minister of Malaysia, the IGP issued a ten-page press release. In this press release the IGP confirmed that Buhary Seyed Abu Tahir or BSA Tahir was involved in the supply of nuclear centrifuges to Iran and Libya.

Basically, the purpose of this lengthy press release was to exonerate any Malaysian of this crime and to put the blame squarely on foreigners. And to reinforce this allegation, BSA Tahir was detained under the Internal Security Act.

But was this a cover-up?

This was the ‘public statement’ by the Malaysian police. Later we shall see the ‘not public’ Home Ministry confidential report of what really happened and whether any Malaysians, in particular the ‘First Family’, were involved.


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