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Sodomy 2 Trial : Live from Jalan Duta 4Feb2010 (Day 2) February 4, 2010

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0440 pm : The court will visit condominium management office where hard disk for CCTV was taken as defence not present in today’s visit

0435 pm : Case now adjourned to 9.30am tomorrow.

0432 pm : Saiful said the doctors took samples with cotton bud swabs of neck, body & rectum.

0430 pm : Saiful said police questioned him & two or three doctors gave him full physical check-up after Isyak prayers that night.

0425 pm : Saiful said half an hour later, a couple of policemen came with necessary documents to make a police report.

0424 pm : Saiful said doctor came half an hour later & told him that he needed to make police report if he was to be checked for rape.

0420 pm : Saiful said doctor came an hour later to check his blood pressure.

0418 pm : Saiful says after revealing to HKL doctor that he was sodomised, he was ordered to emergency ward.

0414 pm : He claimed the advice came from a doctor attached to the Pusrawi Hospital.

0412 pm : Saiful explains he went to Hospital KL because he was advised that a report from a private hospital cannot be used in a court.

0410 pm : Saiful says that two days after the incident, he went to two hospitals before going to Hospital KL.

0400 pm : Yusof wanted to show CCTV recording of Saiful entering & leaving premises in his vehicle but computer hard disk “hanged”

0357 pm : Recording shows Saiful entering lift to go to Level 5 at 14.47 & leaving Level 5 to enter lift at 16.14.

0354 pm : Yusof shows CCTV recording of Saiful leaving 5th floor on the elevator & Saiful confirms he is in the recording.

0350 pm : Saiful confirms its him in the CCTV recording of the elevator going to Level 5 on the day of the alleged crime.

0348 pm : Anwar asks to move closer to the television as prosecution plans to show CCTV recording of Saiful entering lift in the condominium

0345 pm : Karpal said the word “lagi” was expunged yesterday but Utusan had used it.

0343 pm : Saiful called to the witness stand.

0342 pm : Karpal asks that Utusan be cautioned but judge ignores & orders the trial to resume. Judge says of Karpal feels that the intention of the reporter was to affect the case, then he should file a police report.

0341 pm : Judge Mohd Zabidin says contempt of court not done in the face of court.

0340 pm : Karpal argued the word was expunged yesterday & the reporting is mischievous

0330 pm : Judge asks for five minute recess to decide on contempt motion.

0320 pm : Yusof says Karpal should move proceedings over Utusan report but court should not get involved.

0310 pm : Utusan is owned by Umno.

0300 pm : Prosecutor Yusof Zainal Abiden says unfair to relate Utusan’s reporting with PM because he is Umno president.

0250 pm : Karpal says article is persistent action by Utusan publishing inaccurate & misleading facts.

0245 pm : Karpal referred to Utusan Malaysia’s headline “Tak rela diliwat lagi” on Pg 1 & “Berhenti kerana tidak mahu diliwat lagi” in Pg 2

0240 pm : Karpal asks court to cite Utusan Malaysia for contempt for its article on Anwar’s trial.

0233 pm : Anwar returns to High Court for continuation of hearing. Shouts of “Reformasi” from a few loyalists at the lobby.

0100 pm : Saiful, Judges and Prosecutions leaving the condo

1254 pm : Another DSAI counsel Karpal Singh is seen leaving the condo in another MPV.

1240 pm : DSAI and his counsel Kamar Ainiah leaving the Desa Damansara Condominium in MPV

1150 am : At Condominuium

1100 am : Anwar’s trial was in camera and has been adjourned at 11am for a visit to the condominium where the offence allegedly occured

1000 am : Today prosiding is done in camera. Media and public are not allowed to enter the courtroom due to sensitivity of the testimony. DSAI arrived in about 925am while Saiful arrived in about 915 am.

0930 am : To be updated once the data is available

Day 1 Summary

Day One of the second high-profile sodomy trial of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim proved to be full of drama —

accuser Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan stunned the packed High Court when he revealed that his former boss asked him point blank if he could have sex with him when they were alone in a condominium in 2008.

The Opposition Leader even used a four-letter slang word in English when he made the indecent proposal to the former personal aide, the court heard

Mini rally: Anwar being mobbed by the crowd at the court complex yesterday.

The lanky 24-year-old is the key witness in the trial, in which the prosecution fired the first salvo yesterday, telling the court they would prove that semen specimens taken from Mohd Saifuls anus belonged to Anwar.

Further sordid details, however, will not be for public consumption as Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah ordered that the court proceedings be held in camera following a request by lead counsel Karpal Singh. (TS)


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