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Sodomy 2 Trial : Live from Jalan Duta 3Feb2010 February 3, 2010

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0510 pm : Court adjourns. Continues tomorrow at 9.30am in camera, due to sensitivity of testimony.

0455 pm : Saiful testifies that in Desa Kondo Damansara upon meeting Anwar, he was asked, “Can I f*** you?”

0440 pm : Police chief says this is too much and orders their arrest but police are just watching.

0437 pm : Its heavy rain in Jalan Duta now

0436 pm : Terakhir suggests there were previous cases, he said. Judge agrees to expunge the word.

0435 pm : Karpal objects to contents of police report stating “kejadian TERAKHIR berlaku pada 26-08-08.”

0425 pm : Some supporters outside the courthouse. More than 20 PKR supporters carrying banners and signs protest against the trial outside the KL Court Complex. Two of them are wearing masks of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor. 

0420 pm : Some DSAI supporters inside the courthouse

0417 pm : DSAI supporters crowd getting bigger. They are everywhere inside and outside the court

0413 pm : Saiful looks calm, says true reason of quitting as PA was because “he could not stand being used as stated in the charges.”

0410 pm : Saiful says official pay RM1,000 but unofficial allowances for trips abroad HK$10,000.

0405 pm : Saiful said his job as PA to Anwar included organising secret meetings with MPs who wanted to jump over to PKR at the time.

0401 pm : Saiful points to Anwar as the accused. Anwar not looking at Saiful.

0400 pm : Saiful said, “I was ashamed so I quit my studies.”

0359 pm : Saiful says degree at Uniten not completed because of bad results due to his position as head of student body.

0355 pm : Saiful tells court about his education background.

0354 pm : Prosecution calls Saiful Bukhari Azlan as first witness. One of Anwar’s daughters shouts, “Taubat lah.” Court is silent.

0348 pm : Charge read to Anwar, but Anwar calls it evil frivolous lies by those in power.

0347 pm : Karpal demands list of witnesses but judge says nothing he can do as it is Federal court’s call. Heated debate between the two.

0345 pm : Judge orders trial to proceed.

0344 pm : Judge annoyed with Karpal for asking that the trial not be rushed, and to consider fairness of trial.

0343 pm : Karpal asks judge to postpone trial until after the defence’s meeting with Court of Appeal tomorrow.

0335 pm : Anwar arrives in court accompanied by his wife Wan Azizah and children.

0334 pm : Karpal said the record of appeal is now ready “so we can persuade the president to adjourn the trial until appeal is heard.”

0333 pm : Karpal said this is in light of the fact that the position has changed.  Lawyer Karpal Singh said earlier, ” We intend tomorrow to see the president of the Court of Appeal again.

 0323 pm : Court break, Anwar is at court registry affirming affidavit for his appeal against decision not to strike out his charge.

0320 pm : Supporters mocked the police, “It’s not a bomb, only a banner.” Police push Tian Chua out of the building.

0318 pm :  Earlier PKR’s Tian Chua tried to bring a banner into the court building but was stopped by police.

0317 pm :  Courtroom is packed, some people sitting on the floor.

0314 pm : PKR’s Azmin Ali said the perception all over the world is the trial is a mockery of the whole judicial system.

0313 pm : Court starting. Anwar absent

2.25pm: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and DAP veteran leader Lim Kit Siang arrive. Shouts of “Reformasi” ensue.


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