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Live scenes from Perak SA sitting 28/10/09 October 28, 2009

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11.53 am : PR ADUNs walking out of assembly wave to Ganesan and say, “Happy Deepavali.”

11.52 am : Ganesan announces that 2010 Budget passed. Sivakumar stands to announce assembly adjourned. PR ADUNs stroll out slowly.

11.50 am : All Pakatan reps have walked out of the hall. They have adjourned their own session.

11.44 am : BN ADUNs are now voting the various items in the Budget. They shout “Agree” while PR ADUNs continue yelling.

It’s right now like a market-place environment in the assembly. 

Everytime the BN reps open their mouths, the Pakatan reps create a commotion. They are shouting, “Haram, tak haram, tak boleh! Kerajaan haram!”

Ganesan is speaking now. The main focus seems to be getting approval for budgetary allocations. 

When Zambry spoke, he was also heckled and few could hear what he was saying. 

The Pakatan reps’ microphones were switched off easrlier. But the BN reps’ mikes remain on. 

11.43 am : Zambry stands to speak and the PR ADUNs shout “Lanun.”

11.33 am : One BN ADUN is telling Ganesan to punish the PR ADUNs. Both “assemblies” seem to be running simultaneously now. One PR ADUN standing and seems to be reading from piece of paper.

11.32 am : Shouting resumes, arguments cannot be heard. Loud thumping on tables.

11.27 am : ONE BN ADUN gets up to speak but PR ADUNs shouting him down.

11.26 am : Ganesan opens hall for debate on Budget. PR ADUNs shouting “Speaker haram.”

11.25 am : Ganesan resumes sitting. PR ADUNs laugh at him and continue chatting with each other. The sitting in the Dewan has resumed. A couple of Pakatan reps heckle the proceedings.

11.19 AM :

11.15 am : About 20 security personnel, clad in black, are in front of the Speaker’s podium. 

Another 20-40 in red attire were around the hall, but they are no longer around

11.13 am : Hee, Jamaluddin and Othman have been present the whole morning. 

The Pakatan reps have stopped their session. Those who spoke were Sivasubramaniam, Sivakumar, Nizar and Idham.

The Aduns are returning to their seats.

Sivakumar adjourns sitting temporarily, no one except PR ADUNs listening.

11.12 am : PR ADUNs pass second motion.

11.11 am : Speaker Ganesan continues to ignore proceedings and continues to chat with BN assemblyman — former Perak MB Tajol Rosli.

 Titi Serong says BN govt is illegal and to return rights to the people.

11.10 am : Titi Serong proposes motion to praise PR govt’s performance accourding to Auditor-General’s report, calls for assembly dissolution.

11.03 am : Several PR ADUNs leave the hall. Earlier, Ganesan had adjourned meeting till 11.20am.

11.01 am : Earlier, after Sivasubramaniam had finished his address, the next person was Sivakumar, who briefed the assembly on what happened before he entered. He was being harassed along the way in.

10.59 am :  Now that the prayers outside are over, police have turned their attention to the public, ordering them to leave the area. 

More police than supporters.

10.58 am : PR ADUNS now in deep conversation with one another. Ganesan still in seat, chatting with a BN assemblyman.

10.57 am : The Pakatan Aduns are sitting in the opposition bench, on the left-hand side of the Speaker. 

Sivasubramaniam had asked Ganesan to come down and give up his seat to the “rightful Speaker”. 

The microphone has now been switched off. Ganesan is in the Speaker’s seat now. 

A lot of police around.

10.56 am : Ngeh supports motion by Nizar. BN ADUNs still chatting with each other. PR ADUNs vote on motion, yelling “Agree!”

10.55 am : Ganesan yawns and is seen studying his nails, BN ADUNs get up to chat with one another. Some, including Zambry, leave.

10.54 am : Ousted MB Nizar stands up to table motion seeking for all PLKN programmes and 1 Malaysia programme stopped temporarily.

10.53 am : Sivakumar says he has now started the sitting and called on ADUNs to observe one minute of silence over the bridge incident.

10.46 am : Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubraman stands and tells Ganesan to leave. Says he is illegal.

10.40 am : PR ADUNS attempt to begin proceedings. Assemblyman Khalil Lim recites prayer. Ganesan says sitting started already.

10.39 am : Throughout the whole spectacle, Ganesan just sat in the Speaker’s chair and watched. BN ADUNs also watched in silence.

10.30 am : PR ADUNs finally walk into hall shouting, “Announcing the arrival of Speaker V. Sivakumar.”

Scene about 955 am.

Scene about 900 am.

Scene about 845 am.

Scene about 820 am.

Scene before 730am.


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