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LIVE : Inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock 17/09/09 September 17, 2009

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Untuk berita inkues terkini, sila REFRESH url anda (Day 20th)

1.42 pm : Inquest over for today. Continues on Sept 29.

1.40 pm : Malik asks for Teoh’s x-ray and to look into the access records of the MACC as Raymond had mentioned of access cards being needed to enter the office.

1.39 pm : AG lawyer Tan says this might already be done.

1.38 pm : Malik Imtiaz wants X-rays of Teoh’s body. Also asking for bio-metric access card system to be examined.

1.35pm: Magistrate asks Raymond to show the route he used to get out of the office on the office layout sketch.

Raymond said he used the longer route as he left his access card at home that day and could not use the shorter way.

Gobind said it is Hari Raya and many people were involved (in the case) and suggested that the inquest be postponed until after the festival.

1.30pm: When cross examined by Gobind later, Raymond said beforeleaving the building, he was in his room and did not detour and had passed by Teoh on his way out.

1.28 pm : MACC lawyer Abdul Razak now questioning Raymond.

1.26 pm : Now Gobind questions Raymond.

1.20 pm : Selangor state lawyer Malik Imtiaz questions Raymond.

1.15 pm : Raymond says he last saw Teoh at 6am on a couch, as he was clocking out.

1.14 pm : Raymond tells court he saw Teoh with a Chinese man at about 12.30am in Bilik Tamu Pendidikan Masyarakat, no officers with them.

1.05 pm : Bulkani finishes testimony. Now Raymond Nion Anak John Timban called to the stand, MACC Shah Alam senior investigator.

1.00 pm : Bulkani says he has no reason to lie.

12.59 pm : Bulkani says he and Tan arrived at the toilet first, says he knows Mandarin because Std 1-6 in Chinese school.

12.57 pm : Gobind says Bulkani is lying but he denies it. MACC lawyer Abdul Razak questioning him now.

12.56 pm : Bulkani says only he and another officer interviewed Tan that night.

12.55 pm : Bulkani says he did bring Tan to the toilet. Abdul Razak examines witness. ASP Bulkani said he reached the toilet with Teoh before the man in white pants did. He said he was in Chinese school in Year One to Six so he understands Mandarin.

12.54 pm : Gobind tells court that Tan has denied meeting Teoh and Bulkani says he does not really know whose voice he heard.

12.50 pm : Bulkani says he did not go inside toilet so does not know who else was in there. Gobind cross-examines. ASP Bulkani said he assumed that the person talking in the toilet to be Teoh. He said he did not see the man in white pants pass the pantry. He said he did not enter the toilet or wait outside, so he did not know how many people were in there.

12.49 pm : Gobind questions Bulkani.

12.48 pm : Bulkani is shown picture of Teoh sprawled on the ground. Confirms he was the man he saw with Tan in the toilet.

12.45 pm : ASP Bulkani said the man was as tall as Teoh. When DPP Tan asked if he could indentify Teoh’s shoes, ASP Bulkani did.

12.40 pm : Bulkani said he did not hear Teoh’s response, he went back to the pantry to continue his meal.

ASP Bulkani said he understood Mandarin but not fluent and knew what Teoh said in the toilet. He said it was ‘Ni Lor’ meaning “awak, lah” (It’s you).

ASP Bulkani said he turned away to go back to the pantry. Five minutes later, he saw Teoh walking pass the pantry but did not know what happened to man in white pants.

12.38 pm : Bulkani says he understands Mandarin and Tan said, “You lah!” to Teoh.

12.35 pm : Bulkani said he was standing near toilet door and heard Tan speaking in Mandarin to Teoh.

12.34 pm : Bulkani tells the court that Teoh and Tan were in toilet at same time, he did not know it was Teoh at the time.

12.32 pm : Bulkani said he saw Tan next at 2.30am. Tan wanted to know where the toilet was and he showed him the way.

12.31 pm : Bulkani said Tan’s house is in Balakong and they reached MACC Shah Alam about 10pm that night.

12.30 pm : Bulkani was at MACC Shah Alam to escort Tan Boon Wah, the Kajang councillor, for questioning.

ASP Bulkani said he and others brought Teoh (whom he knew as Mr Tan Beng Hock) back for questioning and reached Plaza Masalam at 10.30pm. Teoh was asked to wait in the visitors’ room. The next time he saw Teoh was at the pantry when Teoh asked directions to the toilet at 2.30am.

He said Tan did not understand the directions, so he showed Teoh the way to the toilet. He said he did not go into the toilet but saw a man in white pants and dark shirt went into the toilet with Teoh. He did not know who the man was.

ASP Bulkani said he then heard an angry voice ‘scolding’ in Chinese. He was not sure if there was a reply.

12.29 pm : Inquest resumes. Asst Supt (ASP) Bulkani Paharuddin of MACC takes the stand.Putrajaya. 

11.30am: Questioning of Nadzri finished. Half hour break. Two others to be called in the afternoon.

11.25am: Mohd Nadzri said Teoh did not complain about being beaten during the recording of statement. He said he found out that Teoh had died at 2pm (later in the day) when he was returning to the office.

11.15am: Mohd Nadzri said he did not follow Teoh to the toilet as Teoh knew the way there. He said he did not invite Teoh to leave the building with him when he left as Teoh wanted to rest.

11.05am: Mohd Nadzri said Teoh’s bag was outside the room when the statement was being taken. Not sure if Teoh brought his handphone into the room. Teoh’s bag was at the sofa when he left Teoh.

11.00am: Malek Imtiaz examines witness. Mohd Nadzri said he received instructions from investigation unit chief and a briefing was given to MACC officers at around midnight. During the briefing, Mohd Nadzri was asked to take Teoh’s statement.

10.55am: Mohd Nadzri said Teoh told him he was single. Teoh also said he was about to get married. He agrees that there were incomplete documents.

Gobind: So there was no reason to take his statement at those hours when you were willing to let him come back with the documents.

Mohd Nadzri: I have to record statement as I was afraid Teoh would change his statement.

Gobind: Teoh does not need to be kept there and could come back another day.

Mohd Nadzri: I agree (reluctantly).

Gobind: You wanted to use force to record such a statement to tie up the case.

Mohd Nadzri: I do not agree with (Gobind’s) conclusion.

10.45am: Mohd Nadzri said it was important for him to know if a witness is tired.

He, however, kept silent when Gobind said that although Teoh seemed agitated and was under severe pressure he (Mohd Nadzri) did not ask him how he felt for fear that the fact would be revealed and recorded.

He was also quiet when Gobind said he was supposed to check if the suspect was injured and questioned if there were cases where the suspects are beaten.

10.40am: Gobind asked if giving a statement voluntarily is most important. Mohd Nadzri agreed that it is to ensure only the truth is told.

He agreed with Gobind that statement given under duress will not be wholly true and that the surrounding circumstances can have an effect on a witness.

Mohd Nadzri also agreed that a statement taken late at night or early morning could have an effect on the witness and said it was important for them to know if the witness is tired.

10.35am: When cross examined by Gobind, Mohd Nadzri said he was a factory worker before he joined the MACC. He said he did not have experience on recording statement before joining the commission and was trained for it in 2000.

He said he now has nine years of experience recording statement and explained to Gobind the difference between taking statement of a witness and a suspect.

10.30am: Abdul Razak asks that Teoh’s witness document be tendered in court. Mohd Nadzri identifies the documents. Teoh’s initial was on every page, the last page had photocopy of Teoh’s IC.

10.25am: Mohd Nadzri said during the recording of statement, the IO came into the room between 2am and 2.30am. No other officers entered the room.

Mohd Nadzri said after leaving the room he did not have any more dealings with Teoh.

10.20am: Mohd Nadzri told Teoh to bring relevant documents on another day. At 3.50am, Teoh told Mohd Nadzri that he wanted to rest. Teoh did not say why. Mohd Nadzri said he left the office at 3.55am. He said he last saw Teoh on the sofa in front of the IO’s office.

10.15am: Mohd Nadzri said after the recording was completed at 3.30am, he asked Teoh to read and check it after which he was asked to read a printed copy as well. He said Teoh signed the copy.

After this, he said he went in search of the investigating officer (IO) at the surau to pass him the statement and to get further instructions and also to inform him that he wanted to go home.

The IO had told him that he wanted Teoh to go home to collect some relevant documents.

10.10am: Mohd Nadzri said he took Teoh to his room to record his statement and completed doing so at about 3.30am. He added that the door of the room was left opened when Teoh’s statement was taken.

He admitted that Teoh seemed agitated at first but was calm later at the end of the recording of the statement while giving full cooperation.

He also said that Teoh was not handcuffed during this time, adding that he did not ask Teoh if he was injured nor did he notice if Teoh was injured.

Mohd Nadzri also said that Teoh carried a bag when he entered his room.

10.05am: Witness went on to say that he invited Teoh based on a directive but does not remember if Teoh was accompanied by anyone when Teoh was at a sofa at the office.

Neither could he remember Teoh’s condition at the time when he approached him (Teoh) at the sofa.

10am: Mohd Nadzri said he was on standby to record Teoh’s statement at about 1am, adding that he invited Teoh to his room.

At this stage a sketch of the layout of the MACC office is being passed around to the lawyers in court following which Mohd Nadzri identifies his room in the MACC building.

9.55am: Magistrate said hearing can move on with another witness. Mohd Nadzri Ibrahim, a recording officer with the MACC takes the stand. Tan Hock Chuan begins to question the witness.

9.50am: Abdul Razak ask for a postponement of the inquest as he has yet to get anyone to verify the authenticity of some photos (showing Sivanesan’s injuries) submitted.

But Gobind Singh Deo said the inquest should continue as there is an order from the Shah Alam High Court for it to continue. He said at first there was a rush to do the inquest but when there is a witness to testify on the heart of the matter there seems to be a delay.

He added that the inquest could proceed with other witnesses if there is no cross examination on Sivanesan. Malik Imtiaz Sarwar backed this point.

9.40am: Inquest begins

9.15am: Witness T. Sivanesan arrives in court with family.

9.10am: Teoh’s family arrive in court. His mother is seen holding Teoh’s framed photograph.

Previous day wraps ups

The inquest into the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock resumes after a week’s break to allow Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission counsel Datuk Abdul Razak Musa more time before questioning mystery witness T. Sivanesan.

Last week, Sivanesan, 22, an assistant manager with Puncak Rezeki Makmur Sdn Bhd told the inquest that MACC officers kicked, punched, slapped and hit him with an iron rod wrapped in newspapers when he was taken to the MACC office for questioning.

He alleged that he was beaten until he consented to signing a confession, adding he was subsequently hospitalised and treated for injuries to his head, kidneys and genitals.

The Selangor MACC office at the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam here was the place that Teoh was found dead on the fifth floor service corridor of the building the following day after he was questioned over the alleged irregular disbursement of state funds on July 15.

Abdul Razak also told the inquest that an appeal had been filed at the Court of Appeal in Putrajaya against the Petaling Jaya High Court’s dismissal decision.

Judicial Commissioner Datin Yeoh Wee Siam had said in her ruling there was nothing illegal, incorrect or improper with the ruling made by Azmil Muntapha and allowed Sivanesan to testify.

Azmil Muntapha had said Sivanesan’s testimony was relevant as the alleged torture took place at the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam and the same officers could have been involved in both incidents.

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