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LIVE : Inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock 8/9/09 September 8, 2009

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1.50 pm : Magistrate agrees, dismisses inquest for today. Court adjourns to tomorrow. A new witness – the mysterious person who lodged the ‘torture’ report – is expected to take the stand. His identity is unknown for now.

1.49 pm : Tan asks to postpone inquest until key person who lodged police report brought in tomorrow morning. Under questioning from Abdul Razak, Ashraf says he did not use physical force or raise his voice to Teoh.

1.48 pm : He said he applied for the job and was sent for 6 months training.

1.47 pm : Ashraf says he had SPM cert, worked in a factory and saw an ad for an assistant investigator post in MACC.

1.46 pm : Lawyer for state Sreekant Pillay asks Ashraf for qualifications.

1.45 pm : Gobind says he has no questions for Ashraf since not allowed to ask questions related to torture report.

1.44 pm : Court tells Gobin to continue with cross examining Ashraf and call his own witness later.

1.43 pm : Gobind says he is under instructions and won’t recall Ashraf for explanation later.

1.42 pm : Tan says both MACC and Teoh’s family have rights, to him dispute is only whether to introduce police report now or later.

1.41 pm : Says disputed police report was lodged at time when Ashraf was already with MACC even if it does not name him.

1.40 pm : Mohd Ashraf says he was never called by the police regarding any allegations in the police report. He is also free from any civil suit and was never sued for causing grievous hurt.

1.39 pm : Adds that Abdul Razak completely avoided the issue of pre-fall injuries that pathologist admitted could be caused by assault.

1.38 pm : Malik hotly points out that Azmil is the magistrate and not Abdul Razak who earlier said he was once a magistrate for 6 years.

1.25 pm: Mohd Ashraf says Teoh looked nervous when he saw the four documents that were printed from his laptop. He says another officer had shown Teoh the documents during a questioning session on July 15

1.22 pm : Gobind tells court he want it on record

1.20 pm : Abdul Razak tells court he won’t complain later that Ashraf was not given a chance to defend himself.

1.17 pm : He said this was consistent with what he did earlier when he volunteered Teoh’s recorded testimony to MACC.

1.16 pm : Abdul Razak says court must stick to earlier stand for only relevant witnesses to testimony.

1.15 pm: Coroner says report has relevance on the basis that it occurred at the same location (14th floor Plaza Masalam) and could involve the same people. ‘The details of the report are somewhat relevant to the facts of the inquest,’ says Azmil Munthapa.

Mohd Ashraf called to the witness stand. Abdul Razak starts the questioning.

1.14 pm : Abdul Razak asks magistrate to expunge court records relating to torture claims.

1.06 pm : Gobind says he only wants to give Ashraf chance to explain himself

1.05 pm : Gobind argues that he will bring in witness who will contradict Ashraf’s testimony.

1.04 pm : Report does not name Ashraf which shows it is not relevant to the inquest.

1.00 pm : Abdul Razak tells court the police report which Gobind wants to put in — claiming torture by MACC — was lodged 10 months ago. Abdul Razak says there is no need to put witness on the stand just to discredit him and ask irrelevant questions as ‘this is not a trial.’

12.45 pm: Gobind disagrees with Abdul Razak. He says the police report has accusations implicating the witness (Mohd Ashraf).

Gobind questions the ‘fear’ that the MACC has regarding the matter. “Why the fear? If you haven’t done anything wrong, then say you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Gobind insists that Mohd Ashraf would have the chance to counter the allegations if he is allowed to take the stand.

Abdul Razak says Gobind cannot implicate Mohd Ashraf because after viewing the report, Mohd Ashraf’s name was not mentioned in the report.

Gobind says the report stated ‘several MACC officers’ and Mohd Ashraf is a MACC officer.

Lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, for the Selangor government, supports Gobind’s argument, saying Mohd Ashraf works for the MACC at the time the report was lodged.

12.35 pm : Abdul Razak saying that the police report is irrelevant to the inquest for a few reasons. One is that the person who lodged the report on Sept 11, 2008 is a suspect while Teoh was a witness.

12.20 pm : Parties now viewing police report alleging MACC tortures and abuse 

11.59 am : Gobind replies that their witnesses will reveal relevance.

11.58 am : Magistrate adjourns inquest for 15 mins, tells Gobind to show relevance.

11.56 am : However, Tan asks Gobind to supply proof to back his claims of torture used by MACC to extract info.

11.55 am : AG’s lawyer Tan Hock Chuan says some measure of latitude should be given for all parties involved.

11.52 am : Lawyer Tan Hock Chuan (representing the Attorney-General’s Chamber) suggests that police report Gobind Singh Deo mentioned on Aug 28 (relating to abuse and torture by MACC officers) be given to Datuk Abdul Razak Musa, the lawyer for MACC. Gobind agrees.

11.50 am : Lawyer for Selangor govt Malik Imtiaz Sarwar supports Gobind’s plea for greater freedom to challenge witness testimony.

11.49 am : Gobind says need to challenge witness to find out if their evidence can be trusted.

11.47 am : Gobind says claims are not baseless and irrelevant as suggested by Abdul Razak.

11.45 am : This is referring to Gobind Singh Deo’s challenge that MACC applies force during interrogation.

11.44 am : MACC lawyer Datuk Abdul Razak asks magistrate to limit questioning of witnesses to relevant subject in case of Ashraf.

11.30 am : Coroner’s court recalls MACC officer Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus to the witness box.

11.24am: 19th witness MACC officer Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus, 25, recalled to the stand for the second time.

Executive councillor Ronnie Liu walks in and sits at the front row of the public gallery.

09.15 am : Court official says today’s hearing will start at 11am instead of 9am at the request of the deputy public prosecutor.

09.10 am : The Teoh Beng Hock inquest enters Day 17 today after breaking for a week.

Last day wraps up

The mystery witness had lodged police reports against several Selangor MACC officers alleging that they had brutalised him when he had been hauled up for questioning.

It is believed some of the MACC officers mentioned in the police report were also being called as witnesses in the Teoh inquest.

According to sources, the witness would only be brought in after all the MACC officers involved in Teoh’s case have been grilled.

Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas had adjourned the proceedings to Tuesday on Aug 28 to give time for the MACC officers to seek legal counsel.

He had also informed the MACC officer who had testified on Aug 28, Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus, that he need not answer any questions that he feels would implicate him.

Malek Imtiaz Sarwar is heading the legal team holding a watching brief for the state whilst counsel Tan Hock Chuan and DPP Mohd Abazafree Mohd Abbas are assisting Azmil Muntapha.

Datuk Abdul Razak Musa is holding a watching brief for the MACC.

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