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LIVE : Inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock 27/08/09 August 27, 2009

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4.06 pm : Najeib is released as a witness Inquest adjourned to 8.30am Friday.

4.05 pm : Mohd Najeib disagrees with Gobind that MACC officers work in teams to interrogate a witness.

3.55 pm : Mohd Najeib tells inquest he did not hear any shouting or any sound of people arguing as he was leaving MACC office abt 2.30am on July 16

03.44 pm : Najeib disagrees with Gobind’s contention that Teoh was assaulted that night.

03.42 pm : Najeib contradicts Mohd Anuar Ismail’s testimony yesterday, saying he didn’t hear arguments in the toilet.

03.38 pm : Gobind grills Najeib over who was with Teoh when statement was taken. Witness says he is not sure.

03.30 pm : Asked where he printed documents, Najeib says in front of MACC Selangor dy director’s office adding Teoh was not with him then.

03.27 pm : Gobind accuses Najeib of lying by saying Teoh looked nervous.

03.25 pm : Najeib says never asked Teoh why he was uncomfortable as he only carried out his orders.

03.23 pm : Najeib says Teoh looked uncomfortable at his office & MACC office through his body language.

03.18 pm : Najeib says Teoh typed password himself as it was his right, but has password for desktop computer.

03.17 pm : Najeib says Teoh never verified if printouts were taken from his computers.

03.16 pm : To a question from Gobind, Najeib says he does not remember Teoh’s password as he never recorded it. Najeib identifies the 4 documents printed from Teoh’s desktop computer.

03.15 pm : Najeib says he saw Teoh several times between 8pm & 10pm, adds Teoh’s desktop computer also needed password which Teoh gave.

03.13 pm : Najeib says he saw Teoh at MACC office visitors lounge 6.30pm July 15, took laptop to administrative office for printouts at 8pm.

03.10 pm : Najeib says had no dealings with Teoh apart from printing documents, adds probably last saw him before midnight & left home 2.30am

03.05 pm : Najeib says he switched on Teoh’s laptop & Teoh provided the password. I/O Mohd Anuar Ismail instructed him to make printouts.

02.59 pm : Najeib tells court that Teoh’s desktop computer & documents were seized.

02.57 pm : Najeib says Teoh then agreed to go to Selangor MACC office to have his statement recorded.

02.55 pm : Najeib says the lawyer was Kota Alam Shah state rep M. Manoharan.

02.52 pm : Najeib describes Teoh appeared ‘nervous’ when asked to contact Ean Yong, who returned with a lawyer.

02.51 pm : Najeib says MACC officers checked Teoh’s desktop & found 4 invoices for work in Seri Kembangan.

02.50 pm : Najeib says Ean Yong then arrived along with 20 reporters, making their visit not conducive. They returned 15 minutes later.

02.47 pm : Najeib says Teoh failed to show them the requested documents, raising their suspicion.

02.45 pm : Najeib says MACC officers met Teoh at Ean Yong’s office & asked for documents on state allocations for 2008.

02.40 pm : Najeib describes investigations on July 15 at Ean Yong Hian Wah’s Seri Kembangan service centre & his state secretariat office.

02.35 pm : Najeib works as an MACC assistant enforcement officer. Tan Hock Chuan, acting for Attorney-General is questioning him.

02.34 pm : AG’s Tan Hock Chuan calls in MACC officer Mohd Najeib Ahmad Walad as the inquest’s 18th witness.

02.30 pm : Inquest resumes. 8 more MACC officers would be called for testify.

Yesterday wraps up

Political aide Teoh Beng Hock was heard having an argument with fellow DAP member Tan Boon Hwa on the day he died.

Selangor Malaysian Anti-Corruption Com­mission (MACC) investigating officer Mohd Anuar Ismail told the inquest into Teohs death that his colleague Bulkini Paharudin informed him of this.

“After Teoh Beng Hock’s death, I was informed by Bulkini that there had been an argument between Tan and Teoh at 2am in the MACC toilet,” testified Mohd Anuar when cross-examined by MACCs counsel Datuk Abd Razak Musa.

New witness: Mohd Anuar arriving at the court Wednesday.

Teoh, who was the political secretary to Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah, was summoned to the MACC office on the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam here on July 15 to be questioned over alleged irregularities in the disbursement of state funds.

He was found dead at the buildings fifth floor service corridor the following day.

Tan, a councillor with the Kajang Municipal Council, had also been summoned by the MACC for questioning on the same day.

Bulkini is also among the witnesses scheduled to be called to testify at the inquest.

Earlier in the day, the inquest was told that the documents found on Teohs laptop belonged to four companies that were allegedly used to siphon state funds via claims for non-existent construction projects.

Cross-examined by Abd Razak, Mohd Anuar said the documents bearing the letterhead of four companies were “leasedout to individuals to be used to claim funds from the state.

He added that the construction projects were non-existent and when payments were made, individuals using the letterheads and companies received kickbacks.

The four companies were Fizami Construction Sdn Bhd, Aris Enterprise Sdn Bhd, MKMN Enterprise Sdn Bhd and MA Bina Melor Sdn Bhd.

When asked by Abd Razak about the total number of projects and their value, Mohd Anuar said: “Fizami Construction had 21 projects worth RM147,812, Aris Enterprise had obtained 14 projects worth RM88,275.30, MKMN Enterprise obtained six projects valued at RM50,765 and MA Bina Melor had seven projects valued at RM69,010.”

He also testified that Ean Yong would approve the payments and projects whilst Teoh prepared the necessary documentation for collection of payment as well as confirming that work has been completed.

Meanwhile, counsel Samil Bashir, who is holding a watching brief for Ean Yong showed Mohd Anuar pictures and documents pertaining to the projects granted to the four companies.

“Do you agree that these pictures show that work is being done and these are valid projects?” asked, to which Salim Mohd Anuar said: “I agree.”

Earlier when being cross-examined by Abd Razak, Mohd Anuar said he did not agree that Teoh had died while in the MACCs custody as he had been released from questioning when he died.

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