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LIVE : Inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock 26/08/09 August 26, 2009

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Untuk berita inkues terkini, sila REFRESH url anda (Day 14th)

3.30 pm : Coroner’s court adjourns until 2pm tomorrow.Witnesses expected to take the stand tomorrow are MACC officers Mohd Najeib Ahmad Walad, Mohd Ashraf Mohd Yunus and K. Sachianandan.

3.25 pm : Tan tells inquest he plans on calling 8 more MACC officers.

3.23 pm : Azhar says Teoh looked ‘uncomfortable’ during car ride from his office to Selangor MACC but spoke calmly on handphone.

3.18 pm : Azhar tells court he didn’t see Mohd Anuar, known by initials MAI, come out from his room while he was in the office.

03:17 pm : Abd Razak starts questioning Azhar. Azhar says Teoh appeared restless during the car ride to the MACC office,

3.13 pm : Azhar disagrees with Gobind suggestion that he was ordered to follow Teoh from office to MACC as he was not returning later.

3.08 pm : Azhar says he was seconded from MACC Hq in Putrajaya because Selangor office was shorthanded.

3.05 pm : Gobind takes over questioning from AG’s Tan Hock Chuan.

3.00 pm : Azhar tells court he was with Teoh at Selangor MACC office sofa until 10pm that night, adding Teoh catnapped.

02:56 pm : Azhar said he last saw Teoh at 10pm in Selangor MACC office before he left to go back to his Putrajaya base.

2.50 pm : Azhar recounts his whereabouts & duties on July 15, adding it was his first day working at the Selangor MACC office.

02:35 pm : Azhar said he was directed by Anuar to bring the laptop seized from Ean Yong’s office to the Selangor MACC office in Plaza Masalam. Another colleague Mohd Hafiz Idris was directed to bring the CPU. Azhar said he did not know why he was asked to bring the laptop.

2.30 pm : Court orders Anuar’s testimony of alleged kickbacks received by a political party to be expunged.

2.18 pm : Coroner’s court resumes with 17th witness Mohd Azhar Abang Menteri called to testify.

12.20 pm : Gobind asks magistrate to allow witness be subject to recall. Inquest breaks for lunch & will restart at 2pm.

(Evidence of alleged financial gains made by a political party was ordered to be expunged from the records by coroner Azmil as they were not within the scope of the inquest.)

12.10 pm : Mohd Anuar says work for projects were not done by companies that made billed invoices to Ean Yong.

12.01 pm : Anuar tells inquest that Teoh and Tan Boon Wah (another witness) were involved in argument in toilet at MACC office abt 2am on July 16.

12.00 pm : Bar Council’s Rajpal Singh says invoices not in Teoh’s name and should not have been included.

11.59 am : Lawyers argue over submission of 4 invoices. Tan says line must be drawn as inquest turning into forum for something else.

11.55 am : Tan says coroner ordered everything said by Abdul Razak to be expunged.

11.54 am : Anuar tells inquest that Teoh and Tan Boon Wah (another witness) were involved in argument in toilet at MACC office abt 2am on July 16.

11.53 am : Ean Yong’s lawyer Salim Bashir questions Mohd Anuar about the 4 invoices said to be printed from Teoh’s laptop.

11.45 am : Mohd Anuar testifies he was told there was an argument between Teoh and Tan Boon Wah at about 2am in the MACC toilet.

11:40 am: To a question by Abd Razak, Anuar tells the court that an MACC officer, Bulkani Paharuddin had told him that another witness Tan Boon Wah, was arguing with Teoh in the men’s room of the MACC office at about 2am. Tan was one of the four witnesses present at MACC that night.

11:30 am: Anuar says he didn’t lodge a police report straightaway after finding Teoh’s body because he believed that the first person who found Teoh had done so. At the time when he saw the body, there were already many people gathering on the fifth floor of the building.

11:22 am: Anuar explains to the court the reason why MACC conducts night interrogation. He says in some investigations, witnesses who hold day jobs choose to be interrogated at night so it will not interfere with their work. Some witnesses choose not to be seen at MACC building for their own reasons so they choose night time to record their statement with MACC. Anuar adds the MACC office is open 24 hours.

11.20 am : Mohd Anuar saying the Selangor MACC office is open 24 hours.

11.10 am : Gobind objects, saying inquest shd stay within the statement taken from Anuar by I/O ASP Ahmad Nazri, as agreed by Abd Razak on Tuesday

11.07 am : Anuar also tells inquest that based on MACC’s investigation all the projects allegedly went to Teoh and Ean Yong for approval.

11.05 am : Anuar adds that MNKN Ent received six projects worth RM50,765 and MA Bina Melur received seven projects worth RM69, 010.

11.03 am : Anuar testifies that Fizami Construction received 21 projects worth RM147,812 and Haris Ent. received 14 projects worth RM88,275.30.

11.00 am : Inquest resumes

10.30 am : Coroner’s court takes a short recess.

(DAP was put under the spotlight today when a MACC witness informed the Teoh inquest that the party made financial gains through non-existent projects and dummy companies in Selangor.)

10:15 am : Gobind gets up to object. He says Abd Razak has breached what was agreed yesterday, which was for the inquest to stay within the statement taken from Mohd Anuar by investigating officer ASP Ahmad Nazri Zainal. Gobind says Abd Razak is using the inquest as a platform to talk about the entire investigation by MACC, “We have nothing to hide. We can bring our witnesses and justify the allegations by Mohd Anuar. Mohd Anuar’s allegations are baseless. it is unfair for my deceased client,” Gobind tells the coroner.

10.02 am : Mohd Anuar adds the commissioned projects were approved by Ean Yong, who is DAP assemblyman for Seri Kembangan.

09.56 am : Mohd Anuar says several DAP branches in Selangor & other states received kickbacks from a few firms totalling thousands of ringgit

09.48 am : Coroner Azmil allows application by lawyer Salim Bashir for his client, Selangor Exco Ean Yong Hian Wah to sit in the court

09:45 am: Mohd Anuar tells the coroner’s court that based on MACC’s investigation, four companies were found to have given commissions to DAP and its Serdang Aman and Bandar Sungai Long branches. The four companies are WSK Services, Hong Chee Ent., Saharun Ent. and Sharideen Ent. The commissions given totalled RM25,546.56

09.40 am : Ean Yong has brought along his lawyer Salim Bashir, whom Teoh family Gobind Singh Deo introduced to the court.

09:35am: Mohd Anuar takes the stand for the fourth time. He is now being questioned by lawyer representing MACC Datuk Abd Razak Musa.

09.25 am : Coroner allows Ean Yong to be present while Mohd Anuar testifies. Ean Yong is also a witness & may be called to testify later.

09.00 am : Coroner’s court have asked police to investigate the documents & take statement from MACC investigators involved in the probe.

08.50 am : Dead political aide Teoh Beng Hock’s boss, Selangor exco Ean Yong Hian Wah, to attend as focus shifts to documents related to him.

08.35 am : Coroner’s court to resume today with cross-examination of MACC I/O Mohd Anuar Ismail.

Yesterday wraps up

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigating officer in charge of the case involving Teoh Beng Hock admitted that he would not know if the political aide was threatened when he was questioned by the officers.

Mohd Anuar Ismail said this was because he had been asleep most of the time when his subordinates interrogated Teoh in the early hours of July 16.

He said this at the inquest into Teoh’s death when he was cross-examined by counsel Gobind Singh Deo, who is holding a watching brief for Teohs family.

Gobind: During your snooze, you didnt know what was going on?

Mohd Anuar: The officers briefed me.

Gobind: When you were sleeping, you didnt know whether there were threats.

Mohd Anuar: I didnt know.

Teoh, the political secretary to Selangor executive councilor Ean Yong Hian Wah had been summoned to the MACC office at the 14th floor of Plaza Masalam here on July 15 to be questioned over the alleged irregular disbursement of state allocations. He was found dead on the fifth floor the following day.

Mohd Anuar said he did not lodge a report after discovering that Teoh had died but rushed to Putrajaya to consult with his superiors.

Gobind: Your star witness is dead and you didnt make a police report but got into your car and rushed to Putrajaya? Why did you not call the police?

Mohd Anuar: The situation was panicky as there was a dead person.

Mohd Anuar, 32, also said he had been instructed to go to Putrajaya for further instructions as well as to lodge a police report on July 17 by the Selangor MACC deputy director Hishamuddin Hashim.

Gobind, who wanted to know why Mohd Anuar had left Teoh’s remains “lying there” without even informing the latter’s family, lawyer or boss, suggested he may have done so as there was “something to hide or removefrom the scene.

“I do not agree,”

Mohd Anuar replied.

Earlier in the day, Mohd Anuar testified that he did not probe Teoh on his condition during the questioning session with MACC officer Mohd Nadzri Ibrahim at 2am as there was no need to do so.

However, Mohd Anuar who admitted he had gone back to sleep after inquiring if everything was alright, said he noticed that Teoh appeared to be uncomfortable and withholding something when his statement was being recorded.

Mohd Anuar added that he had asked Teoh if everything was okay but Teoh had kept mum.

Asked why he had not tried to find out why Teoh had kept silent and appeared uncomfortable, Mohd Anuar said it had not occurred to him to so.

Gobind also said Teohs lawyer M. Manoharan had waited at the MACC office for an hour on July 15 but no one came out to speak to him.

To this, Mohd Anuar said he was not aware that Manoharan had come to the MACC office that day.

On why the questioning had to be carried out throughout the night, Mohd Anuar replied that there was urgency in conducting Teohs case given the wide media coverage it had received.

Gobind asked: “You were directed to bring them in and get a confession?”

Mohd Anuar admitted that he had been instructed to do so by Hishamuddin and MACC head of investigation unit Hairul Ilham Hamzah.

The inquest continues today before coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas.

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