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RPK bongkar Surat Misteri SPRM inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock August 20, 2009

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Misteri surat yang diterima oleh Gobind semasa inkues Teoh Beng Hock berlangsung disiarkan oleh Malaysia Today diawah kolum No Holds Barred Raja Petra Kamaruddin hari ini. Berikut adalah salinan dari surat tersebut.

Courtesy Of Malaysia Today


1. TK - August 20, 2009

wow … let’s see the outcome

2. sam - August 20, 2009

please email the letter..

its free to copy from Malaysia Today site, http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/25886/84/

3. BESTOMYAM - August 20, 2009


4. Teoh Beng Hock : Misteri surat dibongkar « My Way Of Life - August 20, 2009

[…] Blog Of My Life RPK bongkar Surat Misteri SPRM inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock Misteri surat yang diterima oleh Gobind semasa inkues Teoh Beng Hock berlangsung disiarkan oleh […]

5. nikmj - August 21, 2009

The English translation of the SPRM Mystery Letter

Respectfully, we would like to refer to the subject above.

We would like to inform you that we, officers of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC), feel obliged to expose the misconduct and bribery of a senior officer of the MACC, Deputy Director (DD) MACC Selangor PKPj I Hishamuddin bin Hashim, in connection with the case of TEOH BENG HOCK and another case involving the bungalow of DATO’ SERI DR MOHAMAD KHIR BIN TOYO in Section 7, Shah Alam, Selangor.

2. For YBhg Tan Sri/Dato/Tuan/Puan’s information, DD was directly involved in the investigations on the fraud case of the Selangor State Government’s funds for YB Ean’s (ADUN Seri Kembangan) allocation. His involvement was not just on official orders, but he has also given instructions to his subordinates to find, with any means possible, any evidence of wrongdoing by the Selangor State Goverment. He acted in this fashion because he has made a conspiracy with Khir Toyo to topple the government of Selangor. These (gelojoh) actions directly resulted in the death of Teoh Beng Hock. There arise a few suspicious questions that we, officers of the MACC Malaysia, ask on how Teoh Beng Hock could have died. We suspect the DD’s involvement in the death of Teoh Beng Hock based on the following:

i) DD had ordered all MACC officers involved in the operation that he not be directly involved in the case. In fact, he was the one who gave all the orders in this operation and other operations in MACC Selangor. In fact, he was afraid to be involved directly because this could expose his conspiracy with Khir Toyo.

ii) The chemical investigators have discovered fingerprints and male DNA on the front side of both sides of Teoh Beng Hock’s belt. Based on our, the officers of MACC Malaysia, knowledge, the DD has an individual style of investigative techniques which include interrogating a suspect by holding the front of his belt, lifting him a few times while shaking him.

iii) The process of collecting DNA on MACC Selangor officers was performed in 2 sessions. In the first session of collecting DNA, the DD made every effort to evade giving his DNA sample. The DD was said to have given his DNA sample in the second session, but suspicions arise because the DD gave his DNA sample in the privacy of his own office while all other MACC offiers including the MACC Director have given their DNA samples in a meeting room in the presence of many other individuals. Why did the DD give his DNA sample in a secretive fashion? Was the DNA provided really his DNA? We, the officers of the MACC Malaysia, feel puzzled that there was no one else in the presence of the DD when he allegedly gave his DNA sample? We recommend that the DNA Test on the DD must be done again, witnessed by a group of people who can be trusted.

iv) We have been informed that the DD had ordered his subordinates to erase/clean the fingerprints on the window that Teoh was believed to have fallen from. This was proven when the police could not find any signs of fingerprints, new or old, on the window.. The question is, why did the DD order that this be done?

v) We suspect, based on information we have obtained, that the DD did not touch his punch-card when he left the office on the 16th of July 2009, at 6:10 am. This is important because it can prove that the DD was the last person to see Teoh. The question is, why did he not touch his punch-card when he is a person who always touches his punch-card. For the record, he is very diligent with his punch-card.

3. For YBhg Tan Sir/Dato/Tuan/Puan’s information, the DD in question is very influential in the enforcement of investigation operations around Selangor and the rest of Malaysia. In MACC Selangor, he is the most important person who decides whether a case should be prosecuted even if the power should rest in the hands of the Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP). His decision is prompted by his personal interests and those of his co-conspirators. So, it is no surprise that he led the MACC Selangor Investigative Unit for decades, at least since the Selangor state government was under the helm of the Barisan Nasional government (Khir Toyo) until now. He was promoted ahead of schedule, from Grade 41 to Grade 54, over the course of 16 years without transfer to other positions or locations other than that of the MACC Selangor. Based on the MACC, any officer who has been promoted or who has worked for more than 5 years in a state should be transferred to a different location to avoid the officer being involved in local bribery. One of the reasons he was never transferred is because he was tasked to “take care of” the position of Dato’ Seri Dr Khir Toyo in Selangor. As a result, Khir Toyo also “took care of” his position in Selangor as a favour.

4. As a result of his position in MACC Selangor for these many years, he has been involved in various cases of bribery and misuse of power. Some of the incidents of bribery or misuse of power that we have investigated are as follows:

i) Closing the case of Khir Toyo connected to the approval of a road construction project, in Sekinchan running 20.5 km valued at RM 92.5 million to a contractor that was nearly blacklisted, Meram Holdings. According to the JKR’s estimates, the road should have cost less than RM 50 million. The subcontractor that did the work on the project was Cabaran Wangsa, owned by Pua Kim An, the landlord of a house that had once been rented by Khir, while another company director, Ahmad Tarmizi Tajjeury is a Khir crony that was also given 100 acres of land at a profit to him of at least RM 20 million.

ii) Owning assets that exceed his emoluments such as:
a. Owning a few rental houses of which one is a two storey terrace house that was purchased at a favourable price from Pemaju Kumpulan Lebar Daun Development Sdn Bhd, as a result of the closing of the case against the Group Executive Chairman, Dato’ Noor Azman @ Noor Hizam bin Mohd Nurdin. The case was investigated by the then BPR Selangor for a few years together with various other houses owned by him. To remove public and subordinate suspicions, he lived in the Government Quarters in Kg Atap, Kuala Lumpur.

b. Owning a Petronas petrol station on the left of the Federal Highway KM 8.6 – 8.7, Section 1, Federal Highway, Shah Alam, 40000 Selangor (near the Melati Roundabout, Shah Alam to Klang bound, registered under the name of his brother. The petrol station only just began operating this year (2009), part of which was built above a Chinese cemetary. He managed to get the site to build the petrol station because of his power, which was exercised in the era of Khir Toyo’s government in Selangor.

c. Owning several plots of land around Shah Alam, in which one of them is believed to be beside the new SACC Mall registered under the name of a wife of a MACC Selangor driver named Abdullah b Azim, a full time homemaker in her late 30s.

iii) He has been caught in close proximity with a subordinate officer, Investigator rank, named Nor Azlina bt Mustafa besides the Shah Alam Lake early in 2009 by 2 police officers. He showed his identity card (MACC) and informed the police officers that he and the officer were in the middle of an operation and they were released. These “intimacies” between him and the Investigator were repeated and are common knowledge of many including his own wife. The only action taken by the Department was transferring the officer involved to the MACC Headquarters in Putrajaya. This was not effective because Azlina is still always with the DD in the Selangor office.

5. This letter was written to uphold justice and prevent the further abuse of power especially in the MACC and throughout Malaysia. We in the MACC are fed up to see his antics which have the blessings of the powers that be, like the saying “beraja di mata, bersultan di hati”. We in the MACC are at lost in finding departments/institutions/N
GOs that can champion this issue so that appropriate actions can be taken.

6. We, the officers of the MACC, are touched and thankful that YBhg Dato’/tuan/puan could expose this issue to the people and the authorities so that an organisation/NGO can take the appropriate action, or an independent investigation, can be taken and raised to the Cabinet. This is very important because it involves the integrity of a serving officer of a department that upholds the laws involving human integrity. The DD is now making every effort to press his subordinates to find any faults involving ruling PKR in the hopes that the PKR-led government will fall in Selangor and his secret will be safe. For your information, the DD is now very afraid whenever news about Dato’ Seri Khir Toyo is released in the press and he would be very afraid if the case would expose his involvement.

7. We hope that any brave individuals or organizations can spread this information so that our actions can be brought to the attention of responsible and trusted authorities and that justice can be done. We are unable to do this ourselves because he has a “cable” with the powers that be.

8. Cooperation from YBhg Tan Sri/Dato’/tuan/puan is much appreciated and we hope that through your action, much more information can be brought to light involving individuals with no integrity. We hope that this will cleanse the MACC and its officers from further involvement in bribery and corruption.

Sekian, terima kasih


Kami yang menurut perintah,


6. nikmj - August 21, 2009

Read the actual letter here :- http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/25886/84/

Translated in Mandarin :-

Translated in English:-

7. kunta - August 21, 2009

Kenapa surat yang dalam BM tu, bahasanya agak semacamje .. susunan ayatnya macam diterjemahkan je. Sorry ye. Saya bukan orang suruhan BN dan bukan juga orang suruhan PR. Saya atas pagar je. Tapi, cuba anda ( org2 melayu yg sentiasa cakap bahasa melayu dan sentiasa baca buku2 bahasa melayu) baca ayat2 yang digunakan dengan betul.
Semuga kita semua, umat islam dilindungi Allah daripada fitnah. Wallahualam

8. adikassim - August 22, 2009

laaaa…surat dari si bangsat penipu jahanam RPK ni lagi ka????? dah tak dak sumber lain ka PR oii…. Sumber RPK dah basi laaaaaaa…

9. hisham bin hsayim - August 22, 2009

bukan pasal ayat, tapi pasal isi..

2 la korang..

bodoh nak mampus….

mana dignity, mane melayu punya maruah….

demi duit, segalanya halal…

tunggulah pembalasan ALLAH Taala

khir toyo???? DI MANA Dato, Sri hah?????

10. Joran - August 23, 2009

Aku agak setuju dgn telahan si kunta . Lepas baca 2x , aku rasa pelik
dengan ayat yang digunakan. Nampak sgt ada yang tak kena.


11. miki - August 24, 2009

tak ada apa pun silap…mmg nampak pelik…tp tu la ayat yg digunakan…mcm ayat org lama…ayat org2 tua…

12. LIVE : Inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock 24/08/09 « The Blog Of My Life - August 24, 2009

[…] here to read the Mystery […]

13. Brightspark - August 25, 2009

Betoi la..geng…!
surat tu mungkin ‘think tank kosong’ PR yang karang dan bagi kat RPK dan bikiin kecoh sementara…he ..he..he

14. Nizam - August 25, 2009

Apa2 pun siasat la….bkn rugi pon….SPRM siasat menantu Nik Aziz pun atas surat layang gak…

15. 3R - August 26, 2009

terfikir~~..kematian Teoh tu kat SPRM..klu tgk CSI pun org 2 SPRM le yg bertanggungjawab…lain la klu dia jatuh kat 1Borneo nie..klu tak betul, surat tu kenapa khir tak jawab..or TP tu tunjuk bukti yg dia tak salah..kena ingat saudara, berlaku kematian..org yang tak berdosa…klu dia saudara kita macam mana? mesti kita nak keadilan untuk dia juga kan?…fikir2 kan…mungkin surat itu betul dan tak betul..”THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE”-X File

16. yan - August 27, 2009

apapun bahasa yg digunakan ,,bahasa mongolia ka..yg pnting rakayat mesti kena siasat isi fakta2 yg menarik d dlmnya…yg banyak rkyat selangor trtipu…dan tergadai…

17. Hart - December 29, 2009

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