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Right2write CSI report on Teoh Beng Hock Inquest August 16, 2009

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1. The window at the MACC office on the 14th floor became the issue of contention during the inquest. The forensic expert says that the window is dusty but there were no prints on the window. The floor near the window is carpeted and is also dusty. Dr Khairul in his theory says that TBH committed suicide based on his findings at the window and the condition of the window.

2. Respectfully I have to disagree with Dr Khairul even though I do not have the access to the information and material that Dr Khairul had. Despite the minimal information initially and with the latest information that is being released via the inquest, I find that Dr Khairul suggestion that TBH may have commit suicide a little bit farfetched.

3. I believe Dr Khairul and I are on the same page with regards to the cause of death which is immediate death upon impact from a fall from height. The underlying cause would be massive and sudden blood loss in the chest cavity and the torn heart muscle. His own PM finding rules out the possibility of stroke or heart attack.

4. However I disagree with him on the manner TBH exited the window. From earlier discussion and inquest findings, it is quite certain now that the exited point is the window on the 14th floor where the broken latch and a matching thread from his pants was found.

5. Let us revisit what was said by CI Mazli Jusoh at the Inquest. Among others he said,” he found no visible signs of shoe prints on the window ledge or nearby walls” and “The window frame was dusted for fingerprints but the results were negative because the window was dirty and dusty,” The main crux of the police findings here is that there was dust at the window frames and it has not been disturbed. There were no markings on the window frames as if someone had touched it.

6. Based on Mazli Jusoh statement, it is quite probable that he did not climb out. If he did then, there would be marks on the window frames. It is almost impossible for someone of TBH height to climb out the window without holding to the frames. He is not that tall and has a body length of 174cm (5 feet and 8 inch).

7. Based on DSP Shahrul statement at the inquest where he said that he measured the window size which is 132cm in height and 82 cm in width. From the pictures on the internet, I measured the pixel points and estimated that the height of the window base from the floor is about 85cm. This rough measurement basically tells us that the window height is about 49% of Teoh body length.

8. It would be difficult for anyone of that size to climb out of the window without holding on to the side of the windows. The measurement ratio between the height of the window base from the floor and TBH height alone is conclusive enough that Dr Khairul theory that he had committed suicide is very weak and can be thrown out of the window.

9. Personally, I feel Deo has been an unfair to Dr Khairul. As a doctor, the most he can comment is the nature of the injury, its severity and postulated the cause and time of death. He probably can contribute to the mechanics of the injury. Obviously, he does not have all the pieces of the puzzle. It is a question should have been addressed to the I/O.

10. The absences of any disturbance of dust distribution on the window frames actually strengthen two important points. The first point is that he was either dead or was unconscious at the time he was exiting the window and the second is that there is a strong possibility that was lifted and thrown out of the window.

11. The basis of my argument on Para 10 is based on the fact that if TBH was lifted into the window, that there isn’t any need for anyone touch the frames of the window. Therefore there would be no disturbance in the dust marking on the window frames. This is consistent with what the police finding on the window frames.

12. At the same time, I am not sure how many people read the PM by Dr Khairul. My own observation is that there are a few findings that in my mind may not be associated with the fall. I will dwell more into this matter in the coming days. So far in my mind, based on the PM findings, the many pictures on the internet and the revelation at the inquest, I am more inclined to believe that TBH died while he was in the custody of MACC. I firmly believe that he was dead or unconscious when he exited the window.

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1. Right2write CSI report on Teoh Beng Hock Inquest « Percuma Untuk Anda - August 16, 2009

[…] Original post: Right2write CSI report on Teoh Beng Hock Inquest […]

2. anonymous reader - August 16, 2009

your analogy is more logical. hopefully it is not another kugan case!

3. Right2write CSI report on Teoh Beng Hock Inquest - August 16, 2009

[…] the original post here: Right2write CSI report on Teoh Beng Hock Inquest Filed under On, Uncategorized, at, based, do, for, full, in, information, is, no, off, per, […]

4. SpeakUp - January 7, 2011

Illogical analysis … if he was thrown out, his body is not as stiff and light as a dart, the window opening is not that big … either head first or legs first, the body will bend and touch the window or outside of the building.

I think before we talk so much we have to be really impartial and also understand more forensics

5. Oneyear12topic - February 1, 2011

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor state government’s sand mining company, Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd (KSSB),
paid its employees and board of directors six months bonus between December 2008 to June 2009,
the Select Committee for Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) public inquiry heard Wednesday.
He also said the company’s employees and directors received an interim bonus of two months in December 2008, barely four months after the company had started operations, and an additional four months’ bonus in June the following year.
If you read give bonus after 4 month operations , 4 months bonus in June 2009 , before Beng Hock …
in July 2009

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