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LIVE : Inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock 14/8/09 August 14, 2009

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12.01 pm : Coroner’s court adjourns to Monday with Dr Khairul still on stand.

12.00 pm : Gobind says Dr Khairul’s theory cannot stand because he did not conduct basic tests to support theory.

11.58 am : Dr Khairul admits he did not see prints at window area.

11.55 am : Gobind gets Dr Khairul to show how Teoh could have climbed & jumped, noting hand position gripping window ledge would leave prints

11.50 am : Dr Khairul says based on position of body, Teoh climbed out of window & jumped.

11.45 am : Dr Khairul says the way body falls affects position found on the ground.

11.35 am : Dr Khairul agrees its possible shoe thrown out of building instead of flying off Teoh’s foot, pointing to possible homicide.

11.30 am : Gobind asks Dr Khairul if he measured Teoh’s feet size to check how left shoe flew off, pathologist replies no.

11.20 am : Dr Khairul says did not measure height & distance of window & wall of building from where Teoh was found.

11.05 am :  Gobind cross-examines Dr Khairul as Teoh inquest resumes.

10.35 am : Coroner’s court takes a break as Tan wraps up questioning of Dr Khairul.

10.32 am : Dr Khairul says signs lean more towards Teoh committing suicide.

10.28 am : Dr Khairul suggests Teoh could have fallen while opening the window, adds his theory can be disputed.

10.25 am : Dr Khairul says stronger solid evidence points to accidental death.

10.19 am : Tan Hock Chuan: In your opinion, based on post-mortem report, injuries on the deceased, your site visits on July 16 and 22, toxicology reports and DNA reports, is it likely Teoh’s death was caused by suicide?

Dr Khairul: In my opinion it would likely be that the deceased jumped off. There are signs (of suicide).

10.15 am : Dr Khairul says no solid evidence of homicide, based on lack of signs of struggle on Teoh or scene of death.

10.08 am : AG’s lawyer Tan asks Dr Khairul if Teoh’s death was homicide, meaning either thrown or pushed out of the window.

09.55 am : DNA of unknown males found on Teoh’s belt & blazer could have come from contamination on autopsy table while removing his clothes.

09.35 am : Dr Khairul’s view is that friction marks resulted from inertia because he landed on his feet as it happened quickly.

09.33 am : Dr Khairul noted friction marks on Teoh’s right shoe, which matched friction marks on nearby cement floor.

09.30 am : Dr Khairul found no marks on Teoh’s body to suggest he was dragged before he fell.

09.26 am : Dr Khairul confirms he read toxicology report that shows Teoh not under influence of alcohol or drugs.

09.22 am : Dr Khairul testifies he did not see clear marks at MACC office at Level 14 to show Teoh being dragged before the fall.

09.18 am : Dr Khairul says he returned to MACC office on July 22 to reconstruct Teoh’s fall.

09.16 am: Dr Khairul says that he saw no obvious signs that Teoh was dragged.

09.15 am : Senior consultant pathologist Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim, who was sick yesterday, is recalled to take the stand

08.50 am : Gobind Singh Deo returns to coroner’s court as Teoh family lawyer after a day’s absence.

08.45 am : Pathologist Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim resumes his testimony after being taken ill earlier this week.

Yesterday wraps up

The inquest on Teoh Beng Hock continues Friday with Klang Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital (HTAR) senior consultant pathologist Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim due to testify in the morning.

Teoh, who was the political secretary to Selangor executive council member Ean Yong Hian Wah, was found dead at 1.30pm on July 16, at Plaza Masalam’s fifth floor service corridor.

He had gone to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) office on the 14th floor of the building on July 15, to help with investigations into the disbursement of state funds.

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