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LIVE : Inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock 13/8/09 August 13, 2009

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Untuk berita terkini inkues Teoh Beng Hock, sila klik REFRESH 12.28 pm : Court adjourns to 8.30am tomorrow. Coroner’s court adjourns, to continue Friday with testimony by pathologist Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim.

12.22 pm : Electronic access cards needed to enter MACC office but forensics team did not check who used them on July 15 & 16 – DSP Shahrul.

12.13 pm : Tan asks DSP Shahrul to describe exhibits one by one, including bloodstained trousers.

12.10 pm : DSP Shahrul says he checked green Toyota Avanza, said to belong to Teoh but it was clean, did not yield any evidence.

12.05 pm : DSP Shahrul says didn’t check other offices in MACC Level 14 or 15, nor Level 5 where Teoh found.

12.00 pm: Replying to Tan, DSP Shahrul says did not notice scratch marks, identations on wall next to window to indicate signs of struggle.

11.56 am : DSP Shahrul says he saw a shoeprint measuring 9 inches below window ledge.

11.48 am : DSP Shahrul says he was asked to check room where MACC officers questioned Teoh.

11.40 am : Forensic expert DSP Shahrul Othman Mansor from Bukit Aman takes the witness stand.

10.50 am : Court in recess. Coroner’s court takes a short break.

10.48 am : Tan asks C/Insp Mazli if it is possible for a person to step out of the MACC office window. Mazli says yes.

(Saksi ke-13 menjelaskan ketinggian dari lantai ke paras bingkai tingkap di pejabat SPRM tingkat 14 adalah setinggi 3 kaki 2 inci. Katanya, dari ketinggian itu kemungkinan untuk melangkah keluar ada.)

10.46 am : No checks were done for fingerprints on Teoh’s body, clothes and especially the belt, says C/Insp Mazli.

10.42 am : C/Insp Mazli says he was not aware the Macc had extra office space on Level 15 when he carried out examination on the day.

10.38 am :  Insp Mazli said based on scratch marks on the sole of Teoh’

s shoes, there is a possibility that he (Teoh) was dragged.

(Saksi ke-13 menjelaskan bahawa terdapat kemungkinan si mati telah diseret berdasarkan kesan geseran yang ketara di bahagian tapak kasut kanan si mati.)

10.33 am : Malik cross-examines C/Insp Mazli who says there is discretion in forensic probe but based on I/O’s briefing.

10.27 am :To a question by Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, Insp Mazli said there were no footsteps found on the 14th floor window sill.

“I have checked. The place is dusty. If someone had set foot there, there must be shoe prints,”said Insp Mazli.

10.12 am : CORRECTION – C/Insp Mazli took 2 swabs of sofa, did not say dirt was found there.

10.05 am : Government lawyer Tan Hock Chuan asks C/Insp Mazli to identify pants & jacket last worn by Teoh including 4 swabbing.

10.00 am : C/Insp Mazli says window on Level 14 had broken latch but couldn’t lift fingerprints as very dirty & dusty.

9.56 am : C/Insp Mazli says he found traces of dirt on Level 14 window, Teoh’s trousers & sofa which he allegedly rested on in MACC office.

9.45 am : Selangor lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar also representing Teoh’s family in inquest as Gobind Singh away for another case.

9.20 am : C/Insp Mazli says the method used to test at MACC window where TBH was alleged to fall from is “dustting” and the result is ‘negative’ due to poor condition.

9.00 am: Inquest starts with two crime scene investigators from the Selangor police to testify.

First to take the stand is Chief Inspector Mazli Jusoh.
Previous day wrapped up

The inquest into the death of Teoh Beng Hock before Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas enters Day 7 Thursday.

Wednesday the coroner’s court heard of video footage from closed-circuit television at Plaza Masalam showing Teoh entering the building through the fourth floor lobby at 6.09pm on July 15.

The recording, however, did not show him leaving the building after that or the following morning, according to 11th witness police officer Insp Mohd Zulaimi Zubir from the Shah Alam police headquarterscrime department.

Insp Mohd Zulaimi said he obtained recordings for between midnight on July 15 and 7am the following morning, and had seized the CCTVs hard disk on July 17 to be sent to the Bukit Aman forensics department the following day.
The department was able to retrieve 47 images.

The inquest ended with 12th witness Mohd Zaidi Abu Hassan from the Polis DiRaja Malaysia forensics laboratory.

It is not known yet if both Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim, senior consultant at Forensics Department Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah and UMMC forensic pathologist Dr Prashant Samberkar are well enough to testify as they called in sick Wednesday.
Untuk inkues terdahulu (hari ke 6 dan sebelumnya) sila klik sini


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2. samsaimon - August 13, 2009

Remember after they found Teoh’ body, the MACC office was closed for several hours! anything could be done during that time! dusting off, washing off and what else!

crept !!!

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5. Esther - August 24, 2009

It will not be a surprise if the case dies off a natural death. I am sure whoever responsible for the death of Teoh Beng Hock will not be caught or punished. This is because our high standard police and judicial system added POWERFUL POLITICS interefering with the truth. They are good at covering the truth.
It is ridiculus to use the word ‘suicide’ here yet it is an seasy escape. Everything can be changed because MALAYSIA BOLEH.
Starring example is the case of Altantuya again MALAYSIA BOLEH.
You can take my word this case will be TUTUPed.

6. HarakahDaily - December 4, 2010

Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda yang bermaksud: �Sifat malu itu akan menghasilkan kebaikan.� – Riwayat Al-Bukhari dan Muslim

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