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LIVE : Inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock 10/8/09 August 10, 2009

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Sila REFRESH untuk berita terkini (FLASH – Permatang Pasir polling date is Aug 25, nomination day is Aug 17.)

01.13 pm:  Forensic team’s swabbing and testing is expected to take several more hours.

11.52 am : Police close doors at the 15th floor to all media as investigations continue into Teoh’s mysterious death.

11.51 am : Police forensics team with lawyers waiting to enter the sealed stairwell.

11.50 am : Police instruct media personnel to leave Plaza Masalam’s 15th floor.

11.48 am: Pressmen asked to leave and told to wait downstairs

11.45 am : Police forensics team entering stairwell from Plaza Masalam’s 15th floor. MACC Selangor head office is on 14th floor.

11.43 am : Police forensics team arrive at Plaza Masalam with plenty of equipments after government DNA expert Dr Seah & I/O ASP Ahmad Nazri Zainal’s arrival.

11.16 am : Chemist Dr Seah and investigating officer ASP Ahmad Nazri Zainal are seen entering the lift to go up to MACC office.

11.15 am :Lawyers Gobind & Malik enter Plaza Masalam to accompany experts, pathologists take swabs of stains found near MACC office.

10.50 am : Postponed to Tuesday pending the testing of stains found at Plaza Masalam. Test results to be presented in court.

10.25 am : Government DNA expert Dr Seah Lay Hong will take swabs of the stains at MACC office for analysis.

10.20 am : Pathologists, including Thai experts, & lawyers to visit Plaza Masalam again at 11.30am today.

10.14 am : Coroner adjourns Teoh inquest until tomorrow. Gobind complains site only secured on Saturday, not Friday after visit. Tan says not to make it an issue.

10.12 am : Pathologists & lawyers to return to scene this morning to get samples of stains

10.10 am : Coroner asks if test is to determine stains are of human origin. Tan says results can be revealed tomorrow.

10.08 am : Tan Hock Chuan, lawyer appointed by the Government to assist the Coroner, says he has no objection as the application was in pursuit of truth and justice.

10.07 am : Tan says independent expert will be allowed to take swabs, lawyers can also be present.

10.06 am : AG’s team leader Tan says has no objection to request from Gobind and Malik.

10.05 am : Lawyer Gobind Singh Deo is applying to the court to send chemist Dr Seah Lay Hong, who testified last week, and two forensic experts to go to Plaza Masalam this morning to conduct its evaluation as there were new findings – stains found the emergency staircase between floor 14 and 15 of the building. MACC is located on floor 14. The stains are believed to be blood. He said the evidence was crucial and should be tested without delay. He also pointed out that the place was only secured by the police on Saturday.

10.04 am : Gobind stresses legally important to check. Malik addes it has bearing on pathologist report, wants inquest deferred.

10.03 am : “We believe it is important to determine if it is blood,” says Gobind, who wants pathologists to investigate the stains now.

10.02 am : Gobind says pix taken of bloof stains & MACC informed but no investigations done yet.

10.01 am : Gobind says site visit revealed possible blood stains at emergency stairs at emergency stairs between 14th & 15th floors.

09.30 am : Speculation is rife that lawyers from all sides, who had arrived earlier, were not at the Coroner’s Court because they had gone into the coroner’s room. Its widely rumoured that a postponement is being sought due to the discovery of new evidence following a site visit to MACC on Friday.

9.05 am : Thai pathologists are associates of famous Thai chief pathologist Porntip Rojasunan, who lead the 2004 tsunami team in Thailand.

9.03 am : People have taken their seats ready for proceedings to start. Testimonies would mainly come from the pathologists.

9.02 am : Selangor state’s 2 appointed Thai pathologists enter courtroom for Teoh inquest.

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