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LIVE : Photos countdown to ISA rally in KL 1 August 2009 August 1, 2009

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If you are still in doubt what is ISA, click here for details of what ISA is all about.

5.00 pm : Situation back to normal, Pakatan claims success despite “excessive” police force.

4.45 pm : What happen this afternoon in KLShocking report from TVAntara :











4.30 pm : Situation calm in city but cameraman has video of PAS’s Hatta being beaten until supporters rescued him from police.

04.15pm: Water cannons, tear gas fired again at 15,000 people near Sogo shopping complex in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman; protesters also gathering at PAS HQ in Jln Raja Laut; water cannon spray hits PAS HQ door

4.00 pm : Police now using water cannon against PAS Hq.

3.55 pm : Rally called off by Pakatan Leaders as the cops are too stubbornt and not allow them to handover the memorandum to the King and to avoid more confrontation with authorities.

3.50 pm : PAS MP Nizar arrives ahead of Pakatan leaders at PAS Hq for press conference. PAS youth exco Sani Amzan calls rally a success as tens of thousands turn up despite police block, says will hand anti-ISA memo later.

3.45 pm : Pakatan leaders trying to get past police at Batu Rd school to go to PAS Hq in Jln Raja Laut.

3.40 pm : LRT skips both Masjid Jamek & Pasar Seni stations. Passengers to get off at KL Sentral, Dang Wangi.

3.30 pm : Shoppers stuck inside along Jalan TAR calling media, complaining they cannot get out and wondering how long the standoff will last

3.20 pm : FRU trucks patrolling Jln TAR, firing tear gas to disperse crowd.

3.15 pm : The crowds along Jalan Kinabalu

3.10 PM : Opposition leaders Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Datuk Mahfuz Omar and Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin are at the demonstration. Protests now mainly around City Hall.

3.05 pm : Pakatan leaders like Abdul Hadi seek shelter at Pertama Complex from riot police.

2.55 pm : KL turns to battlezone as police fire teargas, chase protesters into Pertama complex. Shops shut down.

2.50 pm : Police shoot chemical-laced water at crowd in Jalan Raja Laut.  Pro-ISA rally cancelled, say organisers(not enough supporters coming).

2.47 pm : Police firing multiple rounds of tear gas against anti-ISA crowd.

2.45 pm : Police use water-cannons, FRU marching towards crowd from Sogo, National Mosque.

2.40 pm : Anti-ISA protesters from Sogo number some 5,000, another 5,000 from National Mosque.

2.35 pm : Police block all routes to Istana. Protesters to march to PAS headquarters in Jalan Raja Laut. Crowd from National Mosque slipping down flyover behind Selangor Club to go to Dataran Merdeka.

2.25 pm : National Mosque crowd make u-turn as FRU blocking access to Dataran Merdeka.

2.20 pm : PAS leaders Abdul Hadi, Mustafa Ali argue with police, supporters & police are now clashing. 

2.15 pm : Police fire tear gas, scattering thousands of protesters along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

2.10 pm : Half of those from Sogo have evaded police blockade around Dataran Merdeka.Some 2,000 anti-ISA protesters from Sogo trying to march to Dataran Merdeka. Anwar is among them.

2.05 pm : PAS leader Hatta Ramli to lead crowd from Masjid Negara to Istana Negara. PAS leaders Hatta Ramli, Dzulkifly Ahmad shout “Takbir”, “Abolish ISA” to rouse supporters.

2.02 pm : Protesters moving out of National Mosque as police scuffle with them.

1.50 pm : Police arrest another 3 at National Mosque as PAS leaders arrive.isa1

1.45 pm : KL CPO Mohd Sabtu says 157 detained thus far as of 1.30pm in city ahead of ISA rallies

1.35 pm : Police have now detained at least 10 at National Mosque.

1.30 pm : Majority of anti-ISA protesters using prayers as excuse to enter National Mosque. Police arrest 50yr-old for having anti-ISA t-shirt.

1.25 pm : Police estimate some 500 now at National Mosque.  

1.20 pm : Police checking bags of people entering National Mosque. Police arrest 4 at National Mosque entrance for having anti-ISA caps & t-shirts.

1.15 pm : Some 300 are now in National Mosque as police tighten cordon around KL.

1.10 pm : Police Light Strike Force (LSF) disperse bystanders from Masjid Jamek LRT station.

1.05 pm : Masjid Jamek LRT crowded with police, riot police, reporters & bystanders.

1.00 pm : Groups of nearly 20 people turning up at National Mosque, with numbers now reaching 200 as police keep watch.

12.50 pm : Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman heading to Merdeka Square is being closed. Cops with dogs also standby

12.47 pm : Police free lawyer Puspawati after her colleagues negotiate with officers.

12.45 pm : Masjid Jamek locked down  except for cops.

12.40 pm : Legal aid lawyer Puspawati held for distributing Bar Council’s “Police & Your Rights” pamphlets.

12.35 pm :   Groups of people head towards National Mosque for Zohor prayers.  Police detain legal aid lawyer Puspawati Rosman, keeping away reporters from asking her questions near Masjid Jamek.

12.30 pm : Why this guy is not being arrested?

12.20 pm : Police comb through Masjid India bazaar for protesters after ordering them to disperse.

12.15 pm : Police continue arresting more near Masjid Jamek LRT station, bringing to 60 held now.Around 10 people were arrested at Maju Junction

12.05 pm : KL remains calm but tense as police detain some 50 around the city for having anti-ISA headbands, banners.

12.00 pm : Half a dozen of the pro-ISA group, clad in white, have arrived near Sogo, says a contact at the scene.
Youngsters are alighting from a bus nearby. It’s not clear which group they belong to. 

11.50 am : Police arrest 4 outside Sogo as people come with anti-ISA banners, headbands.

11.45 am : 22 peoples arrested at National Mosque

11.30 am : Dozens more arrested. 14 detained in arrival at KL Sentral

10.30 am : Roadblocks this morning

9.45 am : 20 people have been arrested at National Palace while 200 were ousted. FRU have been ordered to sentry at Masjid Jamek and Merdeka Square.

Here are some roadblocks done by cops for those entering KL on since Friday 31/7/09.    

At nightIn the afternoonThe mission planned


1. Musang berjanggut - August 1, 2009

Kesian pada lemu-lembu yang dijadikan korban!

2. YobDaud - August 1, 2009

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! all our Policemen, FRUs. You people have done your duty. Thats why we vote you BN to take care our safety. Please catch all these PAS (Pelampau Agama Sakit) bandits. These people smoke too much tobacco supplied by Kelantan government and these had let them ‘high’ and become too emotional. The Kelantan govt planted the most highest tobacco in Malaysia.
We cannot trust PAS to rule the government. Neither the the biggest DAJAL of Anwar Brahim. PAS dont even act to remove the alcohol from 7-11, to tear down prostitute area at siam border … becoz they plant tobacco (another type of ‘Opium’). The DAJAL Anwar dont even asked people to pray to Allah swt. This is the pillars of our religion, Islam.

3. nikmj - August 1, 2009

Video demo GMI kt Masjid Jamek 1.30 pm

4. nikmj - August 1, 2009

Video demo anti ISA kt Masjid Jamek 2.10 pm

5. Jarod - August 1, 2009


Thanks for sharing with Malaysians!

6. Top Posts « WordPress.com - August 2, 2009

[…] LIVE : Photos countdown to ISA rally in KL 1 August 2009 If you are still in doubt what is ISA, click here for details of what ISA is all about. 5.00 pm : Situation back to […] […]

7. Viagra - August 8, 2009

gratefulness you for your report and it helped me in preparing my college assignment.

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