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Dont Mess Up With Raja Petra July 23, 2009

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I came across this interesting article from SJSandteam blog that I would like to share with every visitors of this blog. Enjoy !!!

Musa Hassan the IGP of Malaysia and Raja Petra were sitting next to each other on a long flight from Australia. Musa as usual like all UMNO men, thinking that Raja Petra was a dumb fool, plotted to trick Raja Petra.

Musa asked if Raja Petra would like to play a fun game. Raja Petra was tired and just wanted to take a nap, so he  declined, and tried to catch a few winks. Musa persisted, and said that the game was a lot of fun. ‘I ask you a question, and if you don’t know the answer, you pay me only RM5; you ask me one question and if I don’t know the answer, I will pay you RM500,’ he said.

This caught Raja Petra’s attention and he felt excited. Raja Petra agreed to play the game. Musa asked the first question. ‘What’s the distance from the Earth to the Moon?’  Raja Petra did not say a word, reached his pocket, pulled out a five-ringgit bill, and handed it to Musa and smiled!

It was Raja Petra’s turn. He asked Musa: ‘What goes up a hill with three legs, and comes down with four?

Musa used his laptop and searched all references he could find on the Net. He sent e-mails to all his ‘smart’ friends including his deputy, the attorney-general and even one to Najib and all other sources at his disposal that he knew, all to no avail. After one hour of searching he finally gave up. He woke up the half-sleeping Raja Petra and handed him RM500. Raja Petra pocketed the RM500 and went right back to sleep.

Musa was going nuts not knowing the answer. He woke up Raja Petra up and asked, ‘Well, so what goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four?”

Raja Petra Kamarudin reached his pocket, handed Musa RM5 and went back to sleep.

Moral of the story for Musa Hassan. Don’t mess up with Raja Petra Kamarudin!


1. grind - July 24, 2009

Great my dear RPK You are the first man to find a stupid and ‘kuda tunggangan’ of the Malaysian govt.
There is another of the sort.Try our AG.

2. Steven - October 26, 2009

That joke is older than Musa and Raja put together and the moral of the story should be, “If you want to learn English, learn from a Brit or an American because the Filipinos screw up (or “mess up”) our slang.
“mess up” is slang for make a mistake
“mess with” which is what you meant to use is a short form of “mess around with” similar to “play around with”
“mess up with” has no meaning what-so-ever except to the students from Southeast Asia that learn English in PI.

3. HarakahDaily - December 1, 2010

Artikel yg sgt menarik..terima kasih kerana berkongsi 🙂

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