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Misteri kematian Teo Beng Hock diSPRM July 19, 2009

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Cuba perhatikan kedudukan subjek yang dikatakan mati secara mengejut yang pada awalnya dikatakan ‘jatuh’ dari tingkat 14 bangunan SPRM.Tiada kesan darah yang jelas kecuali sedikit dibahagian mulut dan seluarnya terkoyak.

Lihat apa perbezaan dengan gambar dibawah(Gambar hiasan seorang anak muda Itali yang jatuh mati.TT)Darah tersembur keluar dari kepalanya.

Dan ini gambar subjek pertama semasa upacara memperingati simati.PTS_3883Perhatikan mukanya, elok je, mcm bukan mangsa kemalangan… tak macam jatuh dari tingkat 14… Katakanlah jika terjatuh sekalipun, mcm mana boleh jatuh diSPRM?  Apakah prosedur yang membolehkan beliau disoal sehingga pukul 345am tanpa peguam? Takkan saja2 nak bunuh diri kot? Mana pergi pengawal diSPRM yang boleh membiarkan org awam berkeliaran disana sini pukul 4 AM dalam SPRM?(mayat ditemui pukul 130pm) Bagaimana pula seluarnya boleh terkoyak?

Apa sebenarnya terjadi kepada mendiang Teo sebelum menghembuskan nafas yang terakhir?


1. Cikgu Syon - July 19, 2009

musykil- musykil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. sesamaislam - July 19, 2009

Memang berbeza…sebab kat sini, simati kena pukulan tanpa bayang kot ???

3. nikmj - July 20, 2009

Teoh’s death: Mysteries abound, RCI without delay PDF Print
Posted by admin
Monday, 20 July 2009 10:27

By Kim Quek

Teoh Beng Hock’s tragic death seems to have jolted this country from the euphoric daze induced by the media blitz that has glorified Najib Razak’s premiership. Staring starkly at the people now is the image of a rotten state of depraved institutions, of which the obnoxious Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) represents but the tip of the iceberg.

This rotten state was mercilessly exposed during the entire infamy known as the Perak power grab where none of the government institutions were spared from political manipulations to engage in unconstitutional and unlawful activities to satiate UMNO’s obsession to seize and preserve power at all costs.

In this context, none should be so naïve as not to recognise that Teoh is the victim of political persecution, the latest in a series of hardly concealed acts of subversion and sabotage against Pakatan Rakyat (PR) since the Mar 8, 2008 election exposed UMNO’s precarious political future. In the present incident, MACC is in the midst of an operation to destabilise the Pakatan-controlled Selangor state government through endeavours to prosecute PR assemblymen, for which it has been busy fabricating the necessary evidence through threats and coercion of potential witnesses. And Teoh Beng Hock is clearly a victim of physical intimidation and mental torture under such a process.

That this was the case was indicated by Kajang municipal councilor and businessman Tan Boon Wah, who was interrogated at the same time (though separately) as Teoh Beng Hock was interrogated (both of them were called in as witnesses, not suspects). Tan described in graphic details how he was physically abused and mentally tortured to falsely admit (which he refused) that he did not supply the 1,500 flags at the price of RM 2,400 to the constituency (Seri Kembangan) of assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah (whose political secretary was Teoh Beng Hock), implying that Ean Yong had corruptly pocketed the money. Teoh Beng Hock was understood to have been worked on to yield the result against Ean Yong.

Tan Boon Wah also disclosed racial insults thrown at him during the interrogation, thus reinforcing an earlier allegation of racially biased persecution as all the seven assemblymen presently under investigation by MACC for suspicion of misappropriation of state allocations are ethnic Chinese. This view was further collaborated by Dariff Din (a Malay assistant to assemblyman Lau Weng San), who was also interrogated at the same time as Teoh and Tan. Dariff said the interrogators were obsessed with his racial identity as he looked like a Chinese; and spent the bulk of the interrogation time just to make sure that he was as claimed – a Malay. Dariff said: “everything went smoothly after they learned that I was a Malay Muslim”. He added that from what he observed, MACC was merely “fishing for evidence against Pakatan assemblymen” without any specific clue of corruption.

Against such background, the various authorities’ calls to the public not to hurl accusations but to trust the police to conduct a “professional and thorough” investigation is taken by many as an insult to their intelligence, as if the public is unaware that these two law enforcers – MACC and police – have long been perceived as routinely playing a game of “you scratch my back, I scratch yours”, the latest being the MACC’s recent exoneration of the Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan of alleged fabrication of evidence in the Anwar “black eye” probe, despite the presentation of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary by Anwar Ibrahim. So, can anyone be blamed for being skeptical, thinking that it is now pay-back time for the police to return MACC the favour?


Now that the police has said the initial pathologists’ report indicated Teoh died of injury due to a fall from a high place, the mystery is zeroed in on the circumstances surrounding Teoh’s fall from the building. It is here that serious doubts have surfaced over MACC’s version of what happened to Teoh.

Issue 1: Was Teoh ever released by MACC?

MACC chief commissioner Said Hamdan has disclaimed responsibility for Teoh’s death on the ground that Teoh was released before he met his death.

His director of investigations Shukri Abdul had earlier claimed that Teoh was released at 3:30 am on July 16, and was last seen at 6 am sleeping on a couch in the MACC office after been given permission to rest there. The next MACC heard of Teoh was when a cleaner in the building shouted that he discovered a body lying on the 5th storey balcony of the building (Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam) where Teoh was interrogated on the 14th floor.

This story implies that Teoh walked out of the office on his own without being seen, sometime after 6 am. But Teoh couldn’t have done that as he did not have the electronic card to open the door to either leave or enter the office.

If Teoh was released, surely his handphone must have been returned to him. How come his handphone was not with him when his body was found?

Besides, there was no credibility that Teoh had chosen to linger in the same office where he must have been subjected to many hours of traumatic roughing-up in the hands of the interrogators. Any reasonable person would have rushed home at the first instance to escape the dreadful place, considering that his car was conveniently parked in the same building and that he was scheduled to register his marriage with his loved one on the same day.

If indeed Teoh was in custody all the time, why should MACC have concealed this fact if it did no wrong to cause Teoh’s death?

Issue 2: What happened between 1:30 pm and 5:00 pm?

Though Teoh’s body was discovered at 1:30, it was not until after 5 pm that MACC disclosed the news to assemblymen Ean Yong and Ronnie Liu who had been waiting for over an hour in the MACC office insisting to meet Teoh Beng Hock. Why should MACC have hidden the news for so long unless there were compelling reasons which in all probability might not be guilt-free?

Issue 3: Why was the outer timber door of the MACC office unprecedentedly closed for some half an hour at the time when someone discovered Teoh’s body?

The Chinese section of Malaysiakini.com reported on July 17 that its reporter Rahmah Ghazali observed an inexplicable happening at the MACC office at the 14th floor, where the outer timber door was mysteriously shut between 1:15 pm and 1:35 pm, and re-opened shortly before 1:50 pm on July 16.

Rahmah explained that she first arrived at the MACC’s 14th floor office at 1:15 to attend a press conference to be given by assemblyman Lau Weng San. Seeing that no one was around, she went down to the 4th floor to wait at the reception hall. When other reporters arrived at 1:30, she followed them to the 14th floor again, but was surprised to find the outer timber door of the MACC office closed; it was then about 1:35. Thinking that the staff could have closed the door to go for lunch, she and other reporters went down for food. She then called Lau Weng San who expressed disbelief that the timber door was closed, as MACC was supposed to operate around the clock. Knowing that Lau was already on the way, she decided to skip lunch and went back to 14th floor, and found the timber door re-opened this time; the time was about 1:50. Lau arrived at 2 pm. After talking to reporters for about 20 minutes outside the MACC office, he went in to make a report. Of course, none of them knew that Teoh Beng Hock was already dead then.

1:30 was the time when someone discovered Teoh’s body. Why did MACC take the unprecedented step to shut down the office briefly, closing the door between 1:15 and 1:35, and re-opening the door shortly before 1:50? What did the staff do behind that timber door at that crucial moment that they would not want outsiders to see? The mystery seems to deepen.


In summary, it is apparent that MACC is holding far too many secrets that it has not shared with the public over this tragedy, which is aptly defined by Lim Kit Siang as “how a healthy, vibrant and idealistic young political worker could enter the MACC hqrs as a witness in its investigation only to end up as a corpse in a plunge from the 14th floor of the building”.

Entrusting the full responsibility on any of the existing law-enforcing agencies to unlock these secrets would not do, as none enjoys public confidence.

There is no option but to appoint a royal commission of inquiry comprised of competent individuals whom the public trusts to handle the present mess, if Najib does not want the mistrust of his leadership to deepen. And not a minute is to be wasted for this commission to spring into action, if vital clues needed to establish the truth is not to be lost for ever.

Source : http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/24612/84/

4. nikmj - July 20, 2009


Siasatan awal mendapati Teoh Beng Hock sudah meninggal dunia empat atau lima jam selepas mayatnya ditemui mati dekat pejabat Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) Selangor pukul 1.30 tengah hari Khamis lalu, kata ketua polis negeri.

Satu serpihan selak penutup tingkap pejabat SPRM itu, di Plaza Masalam di Shah Alam, turut ditemui dekat tempat mayat ditemui, kata Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar hari ini.

Dalam sidang media bersama Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Musa Hassan di ibu pejabat polis negeri di Shah Alam, Khalid berkata rakaman CCTV menunjukkan setiausaha politik seorang exco Selangor memasuki bangunan itu jam 5.15 petang Rabu.

Bagaimanapun tidak rekod Teoh keluar keesokannya selepas dilaporkan selesai siasatan jam 3.45 pagi Khamis.

Khalid juga berkata polis sudah mendapat telefon bimbit Teoh daripada seorang pegawai penyiasat SPRM.

Beliau bagaimanapun enggan mendedahkan butiran lanjut berkenaan rekod telefon tersebut kerana masih dalam siasatan polis.

Musa, dalam sidang itu, berkata polis setakat ini telah berjaya menyiasat 60 peratus kes kematian tersebut – yang diselubungi pelbagai persoalan.

Source : http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/108872

5. nikmj - July 21, 2009

My CSI findings II

20/07/2009 by drrafick

1. After the release of the first part of my investigative findings on TBH death which is based on the information in public the domain, it appears that what I have been postulating so far seems to fall into place. With the trickling information from Selangor Police Chief and other readers, I believe we (me and my blog readers) would probably solve the first part of the mystery ahead of the police revelation.

2. I believe we are the first to postulate that TBH actually fell from height (possibly the MACC office) and first to highlight the relevancy of the torn pants on the motionless body and the possibility that the pants was caught in the window latch that leads it to a big tear.

3. Before moving forward, let us look at some of the confirm facts that we have established based on the information available online. Among others this includes:

a) The police has confirmed that based on CCTV recording, TBH went to MACC office at about 515pm on the 15th July 2009
b) There is no evidence on CCTV that he had actually left the building at anytime between the 15th and the 16th July 2009 until his body was discovered at 130pm by a “janitor”. This means that at no point in time that TBH had left the building.
c) Information on this janitor and how he/she found this body is still not clear. It is really intriguing to know what the janitor was doing at that hour where the body was found.
d) The police have confirmed that he fell through the window of the 14th floor (MACC office) and landed on the roof of the 5th floor podium.
e) They have confirmed that a piece of the window latch was found near the body and a matching broken latch was found in MACC office.
f) There is a contradicting statement by Dato’ Shukri Abdul with regards to the time TBH was questioned. The CCTV showed that he entered the building at 515pm. I assume it would take him at least 15 minutes to go up and get himself ready for questioning. I believe the questioning started at 530pm.
g) Dato Shukri also said that TBH was released after 345 am but he chose to stay behind. This is kind of unusual. The fact is that no one in a right frame of mind would want to stay in such a place after an intense interrogation. If indeed he was released then why is that MACC is holding on to his Hand phone? It appears that the officers at MACC has not been truthful.

4. In my theory, TBH died in the custody of MACC. This is not disputable as it is now confirmed that he “left the MACC office” via the 14th floor window. The issue now is how was his condition when he left the building? Was he dead, unconscious or alive?

5. Dato Khalid says that based on Post Mortem, he died about 4-5 hours before he was found. I disagree on this conclusion because it would mean that he would have fall at about 830am to 930am. If he had been alive someone would have heard him screaming. If he was dead and was thrown out of the window, someone would were bound to have seen it or heard a loud thud!

6. In my first write up, I suggested that the possibility is that he had died more than 6 hours based on the visual examination of the image of the body and the blood on the roof that was shown on the internet. I am no expert and people can certainly dispute my argument.

7. In reconstructing the event that took place, my theory is that he had died during the interrogation. The IO panicked and hence made the quick plan. I suspect the body was thrown out of the window before 600am.

8. Though there is an eyewitness (Tan) that says that he saw TBH at the toilet (or pantry) at about 6am, I believe he had his timing wrong. He was interrogated trough out the night and probably got himself confused. Personally apart from the MACC officers I believe this eyewitness should be considered a suspect. Online news report indicates that Tan has refused to cooperate with the police.

9. Coming back to event reconstruction, I believe he had already died when he was squeezed and thrown out the window. Before 600 am it was still dark and the possibility that anyone saw anything at this hour is remote. I suspect one man of reasonable strength carried TBH with his head on the right side of person. He then tried to squeeze TBH into the small window. His pants got caught in the latch and this tore his pants and the weight of his body actually broke the latch.

10. I believe that he had died prior of hitting the slab roof the 5th floor podium based on the limited amount of blood on the roof. If his was alive and his heart was pumping, then there would be a large amount of blood on the roof if he did not die instantly.

11. One reader commented about a big wound gash on TBH right hand. I could not appreciate this on the image that I saw on the internet despite enlarging with ms paint. The triangle red mark does not appear to be a wound to me. It is just too “perfectly triangle”. As such if there is an indication of any kind of struggle would not be conclusive.

12. So far the police investigation and our own assessment appears to be consistent i.e. he died during the custody of MACC and he exited the MACC building via the window of the 14th floor. I wonder what the room is used for where this particular window is located. The police has not come out with any statement whether he had died upon impact or way before it.

13. I appeal to all readers who sees any relevant clues in the form of statements of imaged on the internet to share with us your findings. Let us try to solve this puzzle. Let see if our findings mirror the police investigations or totally opposite of it.

My CSI part 1

Source : http://rights2write.wordpress.com/2009/07/20/my-csi-findings-ii/

6. manohara pinocchio - July 22, 2009

Sapa nampak kes bunuh/bunuh diri ni ha?? kalu ikut PR seolah-olah simati mati kena bunuh. Tapi kemungkinan juga si mati bunuh diri.

keadaan fizikal mayat bukan satu persoalan dia mati kena bunuh. banyak orang mati kemalangan tapi mayat elok dan utuh saja. banyak kemungkinan tubuh simati tersangkut sebelum jatuh ke lantai.

Dulu kat Jelutong penang ada ibu dan 2 anak cuba bunuh diri dengan melompat dari bangunan ..apartment kalu tak salah tapi depa tak mati pun, cuma cedera patah saja…ajaib tak??…ada juga orang jatuh terduduk terus mati…

jadi kesimpulannya ada pelbagai…yang tau cuma Allah yang esa..sama ada simati di bunuh atau bunuh diri…so bagi peluang Polis siasat..ni belum apa-apa dah tuduh memacam…alih-alih kes penyalahgunaan dana oeh kerajaan selangor tenggelam…

7. Bedul - August 3, 2009

Sebenarnya orang-orang PR terutamanya melayu termasuk Hishammudin rais yang hilang akal. Orang macam Hishamuddin ni kalau kerajaan suap nasi kemulutnya beliau tetap mengatakan kerajaan salah. Bagi saya dia ni adalah orang yahudi melayu. Tak tahu apa yang diperjuangkan. Dulu kata orang Baling kebulur. Yang kebelur adalah dua tiga orang tapi satu negara diajaknya berdemonstrasi. Anuar ditangkap tapi beliau ni pengecut cabut lari ke UK. Elok kerajaan ISAkan belaiu ni. Aman negara.

8. WATCHMEN - August 3, 2009

buat manohara pinocchio. untuk pengetahuan anda. sekiranya seseorang itu jatuh atau kena langgar semasa dia masih bernyawa semestinya akan berlaku pendarahan kerana dia masih bernyawa. kalau jatuh tetapi tiada berlaku pendarahan bermakna semasa jatuh dia sudah tidak bernyawa. lagi satu, mana ada orang jatuk bangunan seluar koyak rabak. kena langgar lain sebab dia melibatkan geseran, seretan. tapi jatuh xkan koyak kecualai koyak sewaktu mayatnya diseret untuk dicampak. apa pun, yang pasti sesiapa yang membunuh mendian Teoh akan mendapat balasan dari Allah dan hidupnya tidak akan aman. aku doakan agar orang yang membunuh atau menyebabkan dia terbunuh mendapat balasan di atas dunia lagi agar rakyat Malaysia yang bebal macam kamu kan sedar dan terbuka minda

9. jobenjo - August 6, 2009


Alamak.. ape nie bro.. nak mengutuk maki orang bebal pulak.. konon sebut doa nama Allah semua, tapi last-last mengutuk bangsa sendirik pulak. Ada ke mamat manohara tu keluar perkataan kesat ke, maki hamun tak tentu pasal?

Salah ke apa yang dia cakap? Ko sape bro nak tentukan statement manohara tu betul ke salah? tu cume pendapat dia.. takde salah, takde betulnye. Ko sendirik keluarkan pendapat ko pasal keadaan mayat tu. Ko sure ke bro? ko nampak ke mayat tu kena seret semua?

Nie lah sengalnye org melayu. Nak membodohkan bangsa sendirik. Mane ko tau minda dia tak terbukak lagi bro? Kiranya minda ko dah terbuka sangat lah eh? Kalau betul lah mida ko dah terbukak, bagus la.. pakai ke jalan yang betul.. invent something yang dapat majukan negara ke, majukan bangsa melayu kita ke.. Tak payah lah nak bebalkan org lain yang ko pikir “minda masih tertutup” lagi..

Kalau betul ko nak tolong bukak minda org lain biar jadik macam ko yang dah terbukak minda sangat nie, buat dengan cara elok. Tak payah nak maki2. Terima ape yang org cakap, pikir dulu sebelum nak jawab.. Kalau dah melayu sendirik yang memburukkan melayu, sape lagi lah yang nak backup bangsa kita.

10. paridi - March 22, 2011

kes teo beng hock menjadi misteri,entah bunuh diri atau dibunuh.Pendapat saya tak kira apa pun,terserah pada TUHAN! Biar apa yang berlaku pada beng hock akan terima balasannya.Saya tidak memihak kepada sesiapa,asalkan yang salah patut dihukum.Tak kira siapa dalangnya.Saya juga doakan semoga suatu hari akan dapat juga mengetahui hal sebenarnya…….insyallah.

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