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Ibu Manohara, Daisy guna susuk, dakwa George Manz July 6, 2009

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PRINCESS Manohara Odelia’s father, George Manz, has described his ex-wife Daisy Fajarina “as an evil mother” who dabbles in black magic.

Speaking to Malay Mail from Canada, Manz, 58, said that Daisy, 44, took Manohara away from him when she was aged two, 15 years ago.

Asked to back his claims of Daisy dabbling in black magic, he said: “Once when we were together, I took Daisy to a dentist who was shocked when he saw her X-ray. She had small gold needles and diamond stones embedded inside her chin.”

Malay Mail contacted Manz after obtaining a copy of a letter, dated June 15, he had sent to Manohara’s husband, Tengku Temenggong Kelantan Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra.

He wrote to Tengku Fakhry, whom he has never met before, “because I believe that he can take care of Manohara and free her from her evil mother”.

He had also ended the letter saying: “My wish is that Manohara is freed from her evil mother.” (see letter) He has informed Tengku Fakhry that he will seek the help of the US State Department to take action to recover Manohara from Indonesia by virtue of her US citizenship.

APPEAL: Manz’s letter to Tengku Fakhry

Manz said he decided to give an interview to Malay Mail as he wanted to help his daughter.

He said: “I have not seen Manohara since she was taken away from me. However, I have been following all developments online and by keeping in touch with friends in Jakarta and Singapore.

“People are being fooled by that evil woman. I can only pray to God to help Manohara,” said Manz who lives in North America.

“My poor daughter, hopefully she will not turn out to be like her mother. Daisy remains manipulative and was never loyal to me.”

Manohara, 17, a teen model before she married Tengku Fakhry, 32, was born on Feb 28, 1992, in Jakarta. Manz said Manohara’s surname should be his, as is on her personal American documents, and not Pinot.

A copy of his letter to Tengku Fakhry has attachments of Manohara’s birth certificate, certificate of birth in Indonesia, USA social security number and her first US passport, all bearing Manz as the surname.

Pinot is the last name of Daisy’s ex-French husband Juergen Reiner Noack Pinot, 66, who had served four months in a jail in France last year for sexual assault of their stepdaughter known as Noack.

He had raped the woman, then in her early 20s, and forced her to masturbate him, court documents that Malay Mail highlighted last Friday revealed.

In one moment of madness, Daisy forced Pinot to caress Noack stark-naked in front of her. Court documents made available to the Malay Mail also showed Daisy was sentenced to 18 months’ jail in absentia by the same court for submitting a vulnerable Noack to undignified working conditions and assault since 1998.

Daisy remains a fugitive from France and has been on Interpol’s “Red Notice” for the past year. Last month, when a debate emerged in Indonesia if Manohara should be deported, Daisy said: “Mano is an Indonesian citizen, she’s got Indonesian passport. It’s not true what they say. Just let them make a fool of themselves. I deem that they are just a stupid people.”

Many argue that she should be deported to Malaysia since she is married to Tengku Fakhry and is Cik Puan Temenggong Kelantan.

Manohara escaped to Indonesia on May 31 from Singapore where she had gone with her husband to visit the prince’s father, the Sultan of Kelantan, who was receiving treatment for a heart ailment at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

Daisy has alleged that her daughter was physically and sexually abused when she was in Malaysia after her marriage to Tengku Fakhry.

All the allegations have been denied by the prince and Daisy has yet to produce any medical reports establishing assault.

Teen model manipulated by mum

DAISY Fajarina drove her ex-husband George Manz “crazy” to the extent he became an alcoholic, the latter has claimed.
“Due to all these problems, I became an alcoholic as I really missed my daughter,” Manz, 58, told Malay Mail via telephone from North America early today.

He said he met Daisy in 1989, through his friends in Jakarta when he was a field engineer and also had his own business.

They had Manohara in 1992 and two years later the child was taken away from him.

Manz claimed that Daisy was never loyal to him and “seduces men easily”. He also said she took all the US$15,000 he earned a month.

“Daisy is very manipulative, a con woman and would do anything for money and everything she says is a lie,” he alleged.

He believes that Manohara is being manipulated by her mother “and all decisions pertaining to her are being made by the mother”.

Manz hopes Manohara will one day “come to me”. (mmail)


1. Rosman Ibrahim - July 7, 2009

Wow..this is quite amazing, new story for Mano’s Story Tales. I hope all these evidences will be put together for Tg. Temenggong’s case versus Mano in the court of law. Hopefully Mr. George Manz will come forward to become one of the witnesses. More news please.

2. Simply Me - July 7, 2009

hmmm interesting…

3. Simply Me - July 7, 2009

Maybe someone can help to translate the text to Malay, just in case…

4. az - July 7, 2009

Hope this story will be prove to the court and close the issue between 2 country..

5. commentator - July 8, 2009

wow..is this real? i really eager to know what happen next.

6. somchai - July 12, 2009

eventually the truth will prevail. Mano and her mother definitely will be facing consequences for telling a lie to the whole world. Slandering and spinning is apart and parcel of their lives. Dabbling black magic is a big sin in Islam which can lead them to syirik.

7. diddy - July 14, 2009


8. Liiiiii - March 18, 2012

Her mother is mastermind… Wear hijab just to show in public but behind is evil woman.

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