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4.30pm: PAS’ Salahuddin Ayub says all the elected reps arrested earlier have been released.


4.05pm: Perak regent Nazrin leaves the chamber. BN-appointed MB Zambry suggests for the House to be adjourned. Pakatan reps repeatedly shout ‘

Dissolve the assembly again.

New speaker Ganesan adjourns the assembly to a date to be decided. Pakatan reps call press conference inside the assemblyperak state assembly removal of sivakumar ganesan speaker nazrin speech 070509 04

4pm: PKR election strategy director and Batu parliamentarian Tian Chua is arrested outside the state secretariat building. The police inform him that the area has been cordoned off. The opposition politician tells police that he is there to greet his Pakatan colleagues.  

Although he is accompanied by PKR treasurer William Leong and several other party leaders, the police only detain him. He is forcefully dragged to an unmarked police vehicle.

3.47pm: Raja Nazrin ends his royal speech. He does not touch on the ongoing political crisis in the state during his 30-minute speech. He spoke on the stimulus packages and development of the state. A closing prayer session is underway.

3.36pm: Sivakumar’s official car is seen returning to the state secretariat building with the same woman passenger.

3.20 pm Raja Nazrin makes his opening address. He earlier spoke to Nizar Jamaluddin and DAP’

s Ngeh Koo Ham and they have agreed to remain in the hall.

3.16pm: Order is restored in the House and Raja Nazrin starts his royal address, which has been delayed for almost six hours. His speech touches on the stimulus packages unveiled by the prime minister.

3.15 pm Even as the Perak Regent prepares to come into the assembly hall, shocked leaders of civil society have slammed the police action to forcibly eject Sivakumar. They pointed the finger at Prime Minister Najib Razak, the architect of the Perak coup d’


“It is time for Prime Minister Najib to break his silence on this matter. It has shamed the nation and he must now uphold democracy or be seen to support the lawlessness that happened this morning. This is a good opportunity for him to show the nation what 1Malaysia is about,”

said Ramon Navaratnam, chairman of Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute.Regent of Perak Raja Nazrin enters the House and talks to ousted MB Nizar and DAP’s Ngeh Khoo Ham. Following this, Nizar tells all Pakatan reps to take their seat and they obey. 

injured pakatan adun at perak state assembly chaos 070509 02The police install a new chair for Ganesan as the old speaker’s chair was damaged during the earlier scuffle. The plainclothes personnel have also left the House.

3.12pm: Sivakumar’s official Toyota Camry bearing the registration plate ‘AFD 999’ is seen leaving the state secretariat building with a woman passenger but the speaker is not in the car.

3.10 pm Raja Nazrin is expected to walk in any moment to officiate and make his speech.

3.05pm: Ganesan starts chairing the meeting and calls for the customary prayers to be recited. He also calls for the removal of two Pakatan reps but no action is taken to do so.

Sivakumar’s wife, who is in assembly, is enraged and demands to see her husband. The ‘officials’ then take her to see the Pakatan speaker but nobody else is allowed to meet him.

3.00 pm Ganesan is trying to bring order to the house. Zambry, who is back in the hall, motions for prayers and Raja Nazrin to deliver the opening address. Simpang Pulai ADUN Chan Ming Kai and Teja ADUN Chang Lih Kang were ordered out of the hall by Ganesan.

2.55pm: The same group of ‘officials’ escort Ganesan to the speaker’s chair and the speaker then started chairing the sitting.

perak state assembly removal of sivakumar ganesan speaker nazrin speech 070509 012.41pm: Several uniformed police personnel grab hold of Sivakumar and forcibly remove him from the speaker’s chair.

He was then dragged out of the House by a group of plainclothes personnel wearing tags which read ‘official’. Sivakumar resists and shouts, “I am the legal speaker. Why am I being treated like this?” It cannot be ascertained if these were police personnel.

Pakatan reps try to shield him but more plainclothes personnel enter the House and manage to breakthrough the human barricade.

Several Pakatan reps are also dragged out and the ensuing melee sees several flower pots in the assembly are smashed.

2.40 pm Police have forcibly ejected Sivakumar from the assembly hall. His seat is now vacant. Pakatan ADUNs who tried to protect were roughed in the scuffle with the police and sergeant-at-arms.

2.30 pm Umno-BN ADUNs with the help of the sergeant-at-arms are still trying to forcibly eject Sivakumar from the Speakers chair. Pakatan ADUNs have divided into groups. One to protect Sivakumar and another to retaliate by pushing Ganesan out of the hall. Now we know why Zambry tried to ban the press from the sitting. This is indeed Najib Razaks 1Malaysia!

2.27 pm Pakatan MPs rush to surround Sivakumar as the Umno-BN tries to use the police to eject him.

2.25 pm The situation has worsened. At least two policemen have rushed into the assembly hall to howls of protest by the Pakatan MPs.

2.20 pm Nobody seems to have been hurt so far, no reports of bloodied noses of blacked eyes yet. Pakatan ADUNs have taken up the chant again. Bubarkan Bubarkan!

2.10 pm A scuffle breaks out as Pakatan MPs and Ganesan shove at each other and try to get at the microsphone.

2.00 pm The recess is about to end. Pakatan MPs have taken up a chant Bubarkan DUN!

1.40 pm According to Pakatan ADUNs, they are prepared to stick it out for as long as it lasts. No one knows still what will happen next. Umno-BN have already pushed through their four motions including an emergency one that declared the Pakatans March 3 assembly under a raintree as illegal.

However, the legality of these motions are questioned by the Pakatan. Sivakumar maintains that the sitting has never begun as before Raja Nazrin could declare the sitting open, the Umno-BN had created a ruckus, resulting in him moving to a royal suite nearby.

1.30 pm Said Tai Sing Ng, Kuala Sepetang ADUN: “We are still deadlocked. On our side, we are questioning their move to appoint Ganesan. But it is very bad. Ganesan has actually used physical force to try to push Sivakumar out of from his chair. This is terrible. Sad a bad reflection on us all.”

1.15 pm No sign of Zambry in the hall yet. No one seems to know where he is but speculation is high that he is with Raja Nazrin, who has yet to declare the sitting open and give his opening speech.

1.05 pm Ganesan has called for another one-hour recess. He had tried in vain to shove Sivakumar out from the Speakers seat! Yes, it descended to that level. Pakatan ADUNs rushed to help Siva as Umno-BN assemblymen too cam over. The two groups nearly fought. In the end, the recess was called but nobody seems to be leaving their chairs!

1.00 pm A shouting match has begun. Ganesan, who was given a mike, tried to restart proceedings but was drowned out by loud shouts from the Pakatan ADUNs.

12.50 pm Zambry is not in the hall. He went out during the recess and there is speculation that he is now with Raja Nazrin.

12.40 pm Ganesan is still arguing with Pakatan ADUNs, who have protested his presence in their part of the hall. He has shifted back to near Zambrys seat. The MIC politician is not an elected representative.

12.30 pm KL High Court said it will decide who is the rightful Menteri Besar of Perak on Monday.

12.15 noon Ganesan, in robes, is seated before a makeshift table as the Speaker’s seat is still occupied by Sivakumar. Siva’

s mike is still disabled, but he has again demanded that the 10 leave the hall.

12.00 noon All eyes are now on Raja Nazrin, if he will return to the hall and proceed to give his speech. As far as Pakatan is concerned, the sitting hasn’t begun and won’

t until Zambry, the six exco, and the three Independents leave the hall. If Raja Nazrin returns and continues proceedings with Ganesan in charge, it would be an implicit sign of approval for the new Speaker. The recess called by Ganesan ends at 12.15 pm.

11.48am: Pakatan elected representatives told Malaysiakini that their seating arrangements were changed before they entered the house this morning – moving their places from the right of the speaker to the left.

However since they arrived into the house much earlier than the BN reps, they just made the necessary changes to sit in their original places at the right of the speaker.

By convention, the ruling party sits in the right of the speaker.

11.45 am Said Lee Boon Chee, PKR MP for Gopeng: “We are still in stalemate. The Umno-BN can do whatever they wish but as far as we are concerned, until the 10 leave the hall, the sitting has not started and will not start. We do not recognise the very regrettable actions that happened just now, when they tried to push out Sivakumar. We also protest in the strongest terms the refusal by the security and the state secretariat staff to respect the Speaker’s authority.”

perak state assembly chaos in the assmbly between speakers and state reps 070509 05

11.37am: A ceasefire seems to be in place. Pakatan reps are still in discussion with Nizar while the BN reps are glued to their seats worried that Sivakumar would start the sitting if they leave the House.

11.35 am Pakatan ADUNs have decided not to leave the hall. Same with the Umno-BN ADUNs, who are expected to pass the remaining three motions with Ganesan chairing. The other three motions that have been proposed are the election of new members for the Public Accounts Committee, Standing Orders Committee and Special Privileges Committee.

11.34am: Sivakumar is questioning the legality of the decisions made by the BN side, including the decision to appoint a new speaker. He said the assembly has not officially begun as the Perak regent has yet to declare the sitting open.He said Raja Nazrin should deliver his royal speech first before the sitting officially starts.

11.30 am Pakatan ADUNs are now huddled around MB Nizar Jamaluddin, as Sivakumar lambasts the Umno-BN for trying to remove him, saying it was outright discourtesy to even try to do so before Raja Nazrin gives his speech.

11.20 am Ganesan has called a recess. The ADUNs were starting to file out of the hall but some appear to have changed their minds and stopped near the door. Sivakumar is still in his Speakers seat while Ganesan has taken a position behind Zambrys chair.

11.15 am At a different corner in the assembly hall, huddled with the Umno-BN ADUNs, Ganesan has donned a set of robes and began conducting the sitting.

11.05 Ganesan conducting proceedings in one corner of hall as Pakatan lawmakers chant “Haram’. More yelling in the house.

11.00 am Sivakumar refuses to acknowledge the attempt by his deputy Hee and Zambry to push him out. He is still in his Speaker’s seat. “That’

s right. The move to get rid of him when he was escorting Nazrin out was such a blatant and childish attempt. This is such a black day for Perak and the nation as a whole. We must be the laughing stock of the region,said Pakatans Tian.

10.50 Sivakumar’

s mike has been disabled. Jelapangs Hee and deputy Speaker chaired and passed a motion to appoint BNs R Ganesan as Perak new Speaker.

“Keadaan tegang berlanjutan apabila Ganesan dilantik sebagai Speaker dan mengangkat sumpah di meja ADUN Jelapang (Timbalan Speaker)

ADUN Sungai Rapat pula meneruskan sidang haram dengan mencadangkan perlantikan JK Dewan.

ADUN Pakatan Rakyat melaungkan “haram” memecah kesunyian dewan dan menenggelamkan suara Speaker Haram.

Ganesan dalam keadaan tidak lancar kelihatan cuba menggunakan pembesar suara mengumumkan Jawatan PAC yang dicadangkan oleh Sungai Rapat.”

10.45 am It looks like Zambry and team are trying to organise a revolt and take over the assembly hall while Sivakumar is outside escorting the Regent, who has left.

ADUN BN sedang berkerumun adun Jelapang dalam dewan semacan sidang bawah pokok untuk cuba merampas kuasa speaker.

Keadaan menarik itu disaksikan oleh semua adun PR dan disaksikan oleh pegawai-pegawai kerajaan dan tamu yang hadir.

Dalam sidang “haram” mereka telah melantik calon yang dicadangkan bekas adun Sungkai, Ganesan.

10.40 am Raja Nazrin is leaving the assembly hall. Sivakumar is escorting him. Zambry and the Umno-BN are trying to stop him from re-entering the hall.

10.35 am Criticism is pouring in, asking why the assembly hall security is not following the orders given by Sivakumar. “This is civil disobedience and by lawmakers too!,” said a reader following the events.

10.30 am Sivakumar looks for the sargeant-at-arms and asks the security to remove Zambry and the nine others.

10.25 am Pandemonium breaks out as Zambry tries to push through the motion to remove Sivakumar as Speaker. Siva raises his voice: “Keluar!”

he shouts, insistin he wont continue proceedings until all 10 of them leave.

10.20 am Outside the assembly building Parit Buntar MP Mujahid has been arrested. Meanwhile Sungai Siput MP Jeyakumar Devaraj has left the assembly hall in protest of the Umno-BN ADUNs, who are still refusing to leave the hall.

10.15 am Sivakumar has refused to proceed as the 10 ADUNs, including Zambry, have refused to vacate the assembly hall.

10.10 am Sivakumar has also asked Hee Yit Foong, Mohd Osman Jailu and Jamaluddin Radzi to leave as the court cases have not been settled. The House is in an uproar, with the BN MPs refusing to budge and creating a ruckus.

10.05 am Speaker Sivakumar has asked all who were not invited to leave the assembly hall. He has also Zambry and his six executive councillors, who were suspended for vreaking House rules, to leave. Otherwise, the sitting will be stopped.

10.00 am Journalists and other invitees have been allowed to move into the building after Raja Nazrin and the assemblymen take their seats. A few more arrests have just been made outside the assembly building. One of them is Pas Youth chief  Salahuddin Ayub.

9.50 am Raja Nazrin has arrived and has inspected the guard of honour. He is now being ushered into the building. The sitting begins at 10 am. Attention is now focused on what the Regent will say in his speech.

9.48 am Selangor State Assemblyman YB Teng Chang Khim got arrested by police.

9.40 am Speaker V Sivakumar and later on BN Menteri Besar Zambry Kadir have arrived and made their way into the assembly building. All 59 assemblymen, including Nizar, have arrived and have stationed themselves outside the building to await the Regent’

s arrival.

9.30 am Police, who swooped in on protesters and onlookers are stepping up tight security ahead of the arrival of the Regent, Raja Nazrin Shah. Their unnecessarily tough action has created a greater situation than the protesters, who were easily outnumbered. The number of arrests so far is probably around a score at this point in time.

9.20 am DAP MPs M Kulasegaran and Lim Kit Siang have been denied entry to the state assembly, although they have invitations. They are now heading to the Sg Senang police station, where those arrested have been sent.

9.10 am Koay Teng Guan, the assemblyman for Sungai Pinang also arrested. Lim Kit Siang complains about the circus-like situation as a “national disgrace”. Said PKR strategic affiars director Tian Chua: “It looks like Najib is launching a police state even before his 100 days honeymoon ends.”

9.00 am Another one bites the dust! The personal aide to Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran was arrested for refusing to leave assembly building. About a dozen people have been arrested this morning itself including Ampang MP, Teratai ADUN and Ayer Keroh ADUN.

8.50 am DAP’

s Teratai assemblywoman Jenice Lee and another five or six more supporters in black have been arrested. Police are allowing only those with passes to enter the assembly building. Meanwhile, the crowd at the Ipoh Padang has dispersed and people are beginning to make their way over to the Perak Darul Ridwan Building.

8.45 am Pakatan Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin is already here and going through the security procedures.

8.42 am Another arrest and the first MP to be taken in today – Zuraidah Kamaruddin, the MP for Ampang – for making a statement outside the state secretariat building. She and Tian Chua were trying to gain access into the building.

8.25 am Police have arrested five or six of the supporters. Koo Puay Tiong, the assemblyman for Ayer Keroh, was among those arrested for having allegedly crossed the 500 metres ban. Perak police obtained a court order on Wednesday prohibiting un-authorised people from coming within 500 metres of the fence of Perak Darul Ridwan Building.

8.20 am Back at the state secretariat complex, police are moving in on a group of about 20 to 30 protesters clad in black. They are also carrying posters of the Agong and banners and seem to be quite close to the state secretariat building.

8.15 am People have begun milling at the Ipoh Padang nearby. FRU and police personnel closely watching them. Some are eating their breakfast and the mood at this point is quite relaxed, even festive, with a lot of chatting and handshaking.

8.05 am Supporters wearing black arm-bands and t-shirts have been spotted. Presumably, these are Pakatan Rakyat supporters, but today is a day when anything can happen! Party leaders have already warned of the high possibility of agents provocateurs sent by their arch rivals Umno-BN to create friction.

8.00 am All roads leading to the main gate of the building from Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Jalan Silibin, Jalan Lahat and Jalan Hospital have been temporarily closed, causing traffic congestion in busy parts of the town. Roadblocks were set up at many places since last night and as early as 7 am this morning, police began cordoning off roads within 500m of the Perak Darul Ridwan.

7.50 am GOOD MORNING! May 7, Black Thursday is here. Both Pakatan Rakyat Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin and Umno’

s Zambry will lead their teams to the Perak Darul Ridwan Building soon.

All eyes will also be on V Sivakumar, who as Speaker has in his hand an array of powerful discretions.

The question is, will he be allowed to use them or will he be foiled as Umno uses Might in the form of the police and state secretariat staff to overcome Right at this crucial sitting.

Four motions, all initiated by Zambry, are due to be tabled this morning, including the removal of Sivakumar as Speaker. If Zambry succeeds in putting a new Umno-friendly Speaker, it is possible that he may try to table more resolutions in the form of emergency motions.

The other three motions that have been proposed are the election of new members for the Public Accounts Committee, Standing Orders Committee and Special Privileges Committee.

Sivakumar has stressed that he was never informed of all four motions until the notices were already issued, possibly by his recalcitrant secretary, Abdullah Antong Sabri.

The Regent of Perak Nazrin Shah will officiate at the re-convening of the assembly which adjourned sine die on Nov 13. The sitting will begin at 10 am.



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2. Andersonians Perak - May 12, 2009

What ever happen has happen..we cannot change things…the court has decide…hope everyone obeys….to Barisan …work out the best of rakyat and to PR please do accept the reality….last year al of you met Tuanku RM for appointment and endorsement of Nizar as MB…becuse you al have the majority….now the majority goes to BN….why should al of u against it…juz be professional….open minded….the three ADUN left PR becoz they are not happy with the administration not the people….so juz accept the reality…now the court decides Zambry stays…obey it…to Nizar, if you follows what Tuanku said to you on that evening Feb 2009, be patient…( Sabar ) things might not be like these….it may flows well but you follows wrong advise….this is Allah’s Kehendak….not the people….please be open and taubat le….sama sama kita doa demi kesejahteraan Perak…

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