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Rulers cannot remove MB – Tun Dr. Mahathir May 6, 2009

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The Perak Constitutional is yet from over. While browsing the Malaysianinsider today I found this interesting article about it as commented by Chedet.

Yes, the godfather has spoken.The former prime minister said the elected head of a state government can only be removed through a vote of no- confidence in the legislative assembly. Here is the article :-

A day before the Perak state assembly endorses a palace-appointed mentri besar, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said his understanding was that any state Ruler cannot remove the head of government.

“I don’t know how different the Perak Constitution is from the Federal Constitution but if a leader asks the Ruler to dissolve the assembly, the Ruler has the right to refuse. But he cannot remove the head of government either,” the country’s fourth prime minister told reporters today.

The head of government will then have to function without a majority and can be removed via a motion of no confidence,” said Dr Mahathir, who as prime minister led a successful move to remove the immunity of the Rulers in 1993.

He also said a state assembly speaker can be sued if there are complaints or if laws are broken. However, the judiciary cannot interfere with the speaker’s decisions on its own.

“If someone makes a complaint or if there is evidence of a breach of law, the judiciary can pass judgment. If what the speaker is doing is in accordance with the law, that is quite different from rules of legislature which have certain privileges,” he said, adding the judiciary can judge only if the privileges are abused.

If before this Ku Li has spoken the same thing, what else Najib and Zambry have to defend their illegal takeover of Perak? After all, who’s the BN best referal to this issue no other than its own godfather, Chedet?


1. rokiahrock - May 21, 2009


2. RMAF Captain - May 22, 2009

sama2 lah kita doakan kesejahteraan malaysia….no matter siapa yg memerintah….HIDUP MELAYU!!!

3. ween-ween - May 28, 2009

malu sungguh melihatkan melayu sama melayu asyik bertekak dan bercekak .. tak sedar kah bangsa lain riuh bertepuk dan bersorak ? apa jadi di perak mmg amat mengecewakan dan memalukan bn .. ambil iktibar lah .. klu jln dh senget, perlu fikir strategi utk berlari lurus .. tiba masa kita org2 melayu berganding bahu memperkasakan bangsa, ugama & negara.. klu asyik bercekau, bila nk maju??

4. azidi - May 29, 2009

Marilah ambil iktibar dari kemelut Perak yang menampakkan kuasa Melayu semakin mengecil. Yang sedih Melayu sendiri menyokong usaha mengurangkan suara mejoriti dan sanggup berkongsi kuasa untuk menjatuhkan kuasa UMNO/Melayu.
Jika mengikut sejarah lampau, Melayu takut bersatu bersama-sama DAP atau Roket tapi zaman ini semuanya berubah dan kuasa Melayu UMNO hampir terhakis kerana sokongan Melayu sendiri kepada parti yang sebelum ini dilebalkan parti perkauman. Atas nama keadilan kononnya, PR sedia berkerjasama dengan parti2 yang satu ketika dulu menjadi musuh tradisi bagi Melayu. Sekarang dengan sokongan Melayu moden, usaha parti ini telah berjaya menjadikan Malaysian Malaysia. Fikirlah bangsaku Melayu Islam.

5. Huang Siew Hock - July 9, 2009

Can rulers remove the MB or PM? If they can, then we do not need elections: let the rulers decide who should be MB of a State; and who should be PM of thwe nation!

Decision on the Perak MB’s position was made BEFORE the the GROUNDS were read out in open Court. There is a vast differenc ebetween teh Appeal Court’s decison and the High Court decision on the status of the Perak MB. In the judgement by the High Court Judge, he read out a 78-page statement, quoting authorities and backing up his decision based on the Constitution. He declared that Datuk Nizar was at all material tiems the rightful MB of Perak; and he did it on teh SAME day as he gave his verdict, no delay at all!

The Appeal Court Judges gave their verdict within 5 minutes; and without stating their GROUNDS on teh SAME day as theri judgement! They took more than 1 month, afterr promising to give theri reasosn within one week! If they had SOUND reasons, they should have them ready on that day itself!
It looked odd!

In school we learnt that we should give our REASONS first before we came to our conclusion. Then and only then did we write Q.E.D. ( Latin for Quod Erat Demonstratum; and not Quite Easily Done as some of our class-mates used to say! )

As an analogy, do we state first that Ahmad is a rambut thief ; and later try to find and search the grounds that he was the rambut thief ? Do we then say that he walked into the orchard ona certain day and he looked at the fruit tree! And since he looked at the rambutan tree, he must be
have stolen the rambutans. Therefore, he must be the rambutan thief!

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