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Elizabeth will remain in Selangor state govt – Malaysiakini April 16, 2009

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Saying its the hardest decision of her life, Elizabeth Wong today confirmed she will remain in the Selangor government after it decided to reject her resignation, submitted two months ago when partially nude pictures of her were circulated.

She said gutter politics should not be part of the local political culture and it indicated the kind of people who depend and support such a crime.

“I stand for a person’s right to privacy. I stand for ‘New Politics’ — a politics that encourages intellectual discourse, reasoned polemics and ideological debates, not one which resorts to gutter-level politicking which seek to smear, to slander and to violate one’s privacy to score political points,”

Wong said in a statement.

“This is the hardest decision that I have to make in my life and it is with the greatest humility that I accept the Selangor state’s offer to remain in office,”

the first-term assemblywoman said, adding she continues to receive threats from unknown persons till today.

She thanked all those who supported her, including Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah who was saddened by the incident.

“My only wish is to serve my constituents and the state to the best of my abilities and with the help and cooperation of the people, to make this state, this country a better place for all. The struggle continues, and our work has just begun,”

she said.

Earlier, Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim announced that the state executive council had unanimously decided to reject her resignation from her government posts and Bukit Lanjan state constituency.

“She is a victim of the incident,”

Khalid stressed after an executive council meeting today, adding the decision came as the police have yet to conclude their investigations.

He also said she should resume her duties as executive councillor for consumer affairs, tourism and environment with immediate effect.

But Khalid said that morality was important to the Pakatan Rakyat government and it would act if any wrongdoings surfaced in the matter. Khalid also said the government was serious about protecting the right to privacy in the matter.

He also said the Selangor sultan had been informed of the decision and had appreciated his stand that it was a political decision after the government requested his opinion.

Khalid last month extended Wongs leave until today as the police have yet to conclude their investigations into the photographs believed to be taken by her former boyfriend.

Wong has been on leave since mid February, after partially nude pictures of her were circulated to the public. The case is still under police investigations.

The move to prolong Wongs leave, for the second time, is seen as a strategic move to avoid a by-election at her Bukit Lanjan state constituency.

Wong had offered to resign both positions as an executive councillor and as an assemblyman to avoid being a burden to PKR and party insiders said she remains adamant about sticking to her decision.

The revealing pictures of Wong were sent to selected media outlets by unknown parties in early February. She lodged a police report and in the course of their investigations, police obtained a warrant of arrest for her former boyfriend Hilmi Malek. It is understood that Hilmi is hiding in Indonesia for the time being[read here for details].

Hilmi, 32, was issued a notice under Section 111 of the Criminal Procedure Code to come forward and record a statement by March 19, but to date, there has been no word from him.

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