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Apakah tujuan lompat parti? – Malaysiakini February 13, 2009

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Amongst other things, the Perak trio have either been hailed as heroes, reviled as traitors, known as political frogs but now still remain independents.

Why aren’t Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang), Osman Jailu (Changkat Jering) and Hee Yit Foong (Jelapang) — the three defectors — members of any Barisan Nasional component parties? Why are they still independents after causing the Pakatan Rakyat government to stutter, stumble and fall?


Umno cannot be seen to be taking in two lawmakers who have been charged with corruption. That will truly confirm the Malay nationalist party as corrupt.

As it is, the party is already facing an uphill task battling the public perception that it is corrupt and beyond redemption. Enticing both Jamaluddin and Osman to jump ship has hardened that taint in people’s minds.

As for Hee, she should be a prize that both the MCA and Gerakan would like to have in their battle for more seats in Perak and their national upmanship game to represent the Chinese within Barisan Nasional.

However, while they are the obvious parties for her to join, both fear the growing backlash from the Chinese community for taking in a “running dog” unlike in the past when the MCA and Gerakan gladly accepted defectors from the DAP.

But by contributing to the collapse of the popular Pakatan Rakyat government, Hee has become the most hated person among the Chinese and other Malaysians today, not just in the Kinta Valley but across the entire country.

The MCA and Gerakan do not want her. Pure and simple.

“Political suicide for us to take her”, was what both MCA and Gerakan leaders say privately.

The current situation puts the trio in no-man’s land. Independents and untouchables and without the official support of any political parties. One side hates them while the other side fears the public reaction to accepting them.

So while the Perak Barisan Nasional government publicly invites more Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers to cross the aisle and contribute to a unity government, rest assured none can and will join any Barisan Nasional component parties for a while.

In fact, those who did might not even be able to stand in the next general election if the ugly mood over their defections persists. Which makes you wonder why they even jumped in the first place? (TMI)


1. zaza - February 20, 2009

Apakah Tujuan Lompat Parti??? Soalan ni patutnya DITUJU kepada MASTERMIND lompat parti yang mempromosikan lompat melompat ni…siapa lagi kalau bukan DS ANWAR IBRAHIM yang akhirnya malu besar bila promosi besar-besaran dia memakan diri sendiri…huhuhu malunya….

2. nikmj - February 20, 2009

To zaza,
I believe while you had your history education, you skipped the part where they tought Malaysian politics, that’s explain your low class reasoning for party hopping.

For your information, BN started it from the beginning in Terengganu, Sabah and now in Perak.

What Anwar was trying to say was that hopping is possible and doable. He is not the one promoting, thus there’s no issue of who should be ashamed.

Indeed, Najib should be the one who shame himself as the did it wrongly by giving false information to Sultan to believe that BN has the majority whereas the number was 28PR, 28BN, and 3 Bebas (pending court case) which meaning stalemate.

Stalemate meaning both cannot form a govt unless unity govt. Since PR requested for DUN to be dissolve, thus if the Sultan reject, then new govt cannot be formed.

If the court case said the 3 bebas is not guilty then the sultan can elect the new MB. As for the time being it is out of his authority to do so yet, and Nizar is still the MB as the DUN havent throw him out yet.

Check your facts b4 giving uneducated comment my dear.. skrg sapa malu…. huhuhuh malunya….

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