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MCA slams Utusan for reporting distorted viewpoints about NEP – ref Malaysiakini October 30, 2008

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MCA vice president Datuk Liow Tiong Lai slammed Utusan Malaysia for distorting his viewpoints on the country’s economic development in a bid to ethnicise the issue and stir up controversies.

On the national economic development, he said he stressed company and national competitiveness, and had advocated genuine cooperation among different races in this country instead of overly emphasising the issue of racially divided equity.

“Opening up the economy and enhancing competitiveness instead of talking only about quota restrictions has been the megatrend for future developments. If all races in this country can work together sincerely, then there will not be any need of talking about the equity issue.”

During an exclusive interview with Sin Chew Daily, Liow said the misguiding front page story on Utusan Malaysia was obviously trying to cook up the issue along racial lines when compared to articles on other Malay and English dailies.

“Do we still need to talk about racial issues in Malaysia today? How deplorable it is to see the old mindset of 1970s and 80s still very much alive in our new generation of today! If we still engross ourselves in making racist remarks and arguments, then the country’s future will be doomed!”

Liow emphasised that the viewpoint he had offered when asked to respond to the economic development issues raised by deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak earlier, was that Malaysians could not afford to confine themselves within the antiquated mind frame of racial quotas, but should instead enhance their own competitiveness and efficiency.

“What I suggested was the megatrend. The quota in equity should be opened up, but I didn’t say it should be abolished right away.

Liow slammed Utusan for the irresponsible, unwise and distortional style of reporting, which has reflected on the newspaper’s outdated mentality and lack of progressiveness.

He also believed that other newspapers had carried the story in a more objective and factual approach without attempting to play up the issue.

“Look like all they want to see is chaos.”

Utusan Malaysia recently quoted Liow Tiong Lai as having said that MCA suggested that the government abolish the 30% bumiputra equity restrictions on public-listed companies, in its cover story headlined Mansuh Ekuiti Bumiputra (Abolish Bumiputra Equity).

“It is detrimental to the national economy for anyone to continue playing up racial issues. Utusan Malaysia must stop issuing news reports that could trigger racial disharmony.”


1. nikqlate - October 30, 2008

Di dalam hidup manusia, yang penting ialah BERKAT..
Bila hidup kita berkat, diri ini akan selamat.
Apabila diri selamat, rumahtangga jadi sepakat.
Apabila rumahtangga jadi sepakat, masyarakat jadi muafakat. Apabila masyarakat jadi muafakat, negara kita menjadi kuat. Apabila negara menjadi kuat, negara luar jadi hormat.
Apabila negara luar jadi hormat, permusuhan pun tersekat.
Apabila permusuhan tersekat, pembangunan pun meningkat. Apabila pembangunan pun meningkat, kemajuan menjadi pesat. TETAPI AWAS, apabila pembangunan meningkat, kemajuan menjadi pesat, kita lihat bangunan naik bertingkat-tingkat.

Ditengah-tengah itu, tempat maksiat tumbuh macam kulat.
Apabila tempat-tempat maksiat tumbuh macam kulat, KETIKA ITU manusia mula mengubah tabiat.
Apabila manusia telah mengubah tabiat, ada yang jadi lalat ada yang jadi ulat.
Apabila manusia dah jadi ulat, sembahyang makin hari makin liat..
Apabila sembahyang jadi liat, orang baik ada yang bertukar jadi
Apabila orang baik bertukar jahat, orang miskin pula nak kaya cepat.
Apabila orang miskin nak kaya cepat, orang tua pula nak mati
Apabila orang tua nak mati lambat, tak dapat minum madu telan jerla minyak gamat.

Yang lelaki, budak budak muda pakai seluar ketat.
Semua nak tunjuk kuat.
Bila berjudi, percaya unsur kurafat.
Tapi hidup pula yang melarat.
Tali kasut dah tak berikat.
Rambut pun jarang sikat.

Yang perempuan, pakai mini sekerat.
Suka pakai baju ketat.
Suka sangat menunjukkan pusat.
Hingga tak pedulikan lagi batasan aurat.
Pakai pulak yang singkat-singkat.
Kadang-kadang ternampak benda ‘bulat’.

Bila jadi macam ini, siapa lihat pasti tercegat.
Silap gaya jadi gawat, bohsia bohjan lagi hebat.
Duduk jauh berkirim surat .
Bila berjumpa, tangan berjabat.
Kemudian pakat lawan peluk siapa erat.
Mas a tu, nafas naik sampai tersekat-sekat.
Usah peduli agama dan adat.
Usah takut Allah dan malaikat.
Yang penting apa kita nak buat?
Kita ‘bukti’ lah kita buat.
Akhirnya perut kempis dah jadi bulat.
Apabila perut kempis dah jadi bulat, maka lahirlah
pula anak-anak yang tak cukup sifat.
Bila anak-anak tak cukup sifat, jam tu kita tengok bayi dibuang di
merata tempat.

Dia kata apa? Habis manusia dah masuk jerat.
Habis manusia telah tersesat.
Inilah dia fenomena masyarakat.
Oleh itu wahai saudaraku dan para sahabat,
Marilah kita pakat mengingat,
Bahawa dunia hari ini makin singkat,
Esok atau lusa mungkin kiamat,
Sampai masa kita semua akan berangkat! .
Berangkat menuju ke negeri akhirat.

Di sana kita akan ditanya apa yang kita buat.
Mas a tu, sindri mau ingat.

Umur mu banyak mana mu buat ibadat…?
Zaman muda mu, apa yang telah mu buat…?
Harta benda anta, dari mana anta dapat…?
Ilmu anta, adakah anta manafaat…?

Semoga ianya dapat mengingatkan kita supaya segera
meninggalkan maksiat dan memperbanyakkan ibadat.

(Semoga masyarakat kita akan menjadi sebuah masyarakat yang bukan sahaja maju dari segi duniawi malah ukhrawi. Insya-Allah. ..Allahhuakbar! Allahhuakbar! Allahhuakbar! )


2. tehtarik - October 30, 2008

Is it NOT the SAME?

When the exclusive Bumiputra 30% quota is opened up, does this not mean that the exclusive rights of the Bumi are (also) abolished?

I won’t advise the Minister to shut up on this matter or other matters; but at least we must understand that it is more meaningful and beneficial if we were to discuss this in closed-door meetings with the Umno top-guns–whom I trust are more worried about non-Malays’ support and grievances today, in view of so many ‘daring’ promises offered to us by the Pakatan Rakyat….

The party is election is over. So I think it wise to go back to the negotiation table to sort out the issues. Everything is now negotiable, mind you. The mood on the ground has changed, thanks in particular to Brader Anwar, but this does not mean we should consider discarding Umno/BN.

Being pragmatic people, we must get the best out of the system. Only fools are fooling around with only one party!


3. amira - October 30, 2008

Ya, Tehtarik, it is obviously the same. And obviously when the 30% quota is opened up, our full rights in accordance to the constitution are totally threatened and probably destroyed. So En Liow we demand your apology. Otherwise we will have to sack you.

4. vesu - October 30, 2008

close door meeting , secret and confidential is only when someone’s privacy is concerned, i still remember whenever the indians ask MIC leaders for some favor..they normally says ” ok , we will do it , quitely,secretly and ask our UMNO leaders for approval’..at the end ‘abuk pun tarak’ if the malays want tongkat even now after 40 over years…i am very sorry for the umat.. only malays in UMNO going to bolot all the keistimewaan- rakyat biasa orang melayu di kampong2 , kawan2 saya di kampong atau yang tak ada political link – sorry lah DEB tu apa? bangun dan sokong perjuangan DSAI.keluar dan berdiri teguh dibawah kepimpinan beliau, dsai adalah ‘new born politician yang telah sedar diri.

5. Utusan Malaysia Online - December 5, 2010

Artikel Yang Menarik untuk dihayati…

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