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Nissan Grand Livina 10000km maintenance service TCEAS Glenmarie July 4, 2008

Posted by nikmj in Car, Nissan Grand Livina, Personal.

I went to service my Nissan Grand Livina yesterday for 10000km maintenance at TCEAS Glenmarie Shah Alam. Prior going there I called to make an appointment to ensure everything goes smoothly. I was told by the officer that this service could be settled within 3 and half hours. So I scheduled appointment for 930am, hoping the service should be done by lunch hour.  Due to some traffic, I reached there about 950am. Upon registration, I realized that it was stated there, the promised completion time was 1519pm. I was quite shocked, because instead of 3 hours now it became 3 o’clock. This means, I have to wait fo more than 5 hours.

Not satisfied, so I asked the guy was in charged at the counter. He said, the 3 hours promised excluded the lunch break. But then if the break is one hour, its still 4 and half hours waiting time. This is bullshit, not the promised that I got yesterday on the phone. Not to create havoc, I said OK, I wait, but please try to make it faster.

So I went up to the customer lounge up there. Yet another surprise came up. The free drinks available was only tea. The rest (coffee, milo, etc ) all not available already. OK, then I just take tea and move on to the free internet access. When I turn on the PC, only internet explorer was available. When I click, the internet access was restrictedly block. What, the hell is this…. So this is what you call free internet. OK, forget about internet access for today.

Next, what could I do to fill up my leisure time. Read newspapers, ASTRO… until lunch. Outside was raining. Luckily about lunch time, there were two guys came and sell ala carte rice outside. At least, I could have some lunch. 

The clock showing 1519. I saw they are still doing the alignment. They were breaking another promise…. OK la since the astro was showing CSI Miami then I have something to watch. By the time 1600pm, the Alias show was on air. I saw one indian guy driven out my car for test. About 20 minutes later he came back.. Hmm quite a test I guess.. 430pm they are washing my car. 

Lastly, by 445 the car was ready. I went to the counter, expecting RM385 as suggested in the manual. Luckily, I can smile as I saw the bill, RM266.12 after waiting more than 5 hours and that 12 cents was discarded plus free car wash (useless since the rain outside was pouring heavily).


1. penyubiru - January 21, 2009


aku baru masuk service 5Kkm. pi service kat batu caves. so fas service dia ok la. lounge room, ade astro, free wifi (komputer x disediakan), 3in1 nescafe saje. diorang siapkan keje seperti yg dijanjikan.

2. lee - September 18, 2011

you also can try on this service package is recommended by tceas, Power maintenance service – it’s help to service internal carbon or keep engine internal cleaning. yes can help pro-long the engine life.

3. TheRenovater - September 20, 2011

Yeah sometimes, their service takes longer than promised. That’s why I take my car to independent car service. That is also not without its issue. While faster & cheaper, & I trust the mechanic, they do not know everything about your car.

My car was having less & less power & outside mechanic says no need tune up. I decided to take back to Nissan, was told to collect at 5pm. They called earlier to say it is ready. Am happy since they managed to get the car back into good condition.

4. m.sakaruddin hashim - June 9, 2012

Grand livina 1.6 aku break down pasal gear box.hntr servis kat butterworth,katanya clutch problem.lps byr,nk bwa blk ke grik.tgh jln,gear 3 dan 4 tk blh masuk.aku hantar balik kat butterworth.camna ni,masalah kat laintapi repair kat lain.camna dgn rm 900 lbh yg dibayar untuk clutch tu……

5. Pritapal Singh - February 28, 2013

Glenmarie TCEAS is not good service provider. I had problem whereby rear left side of the car always scrathes the road bumps when 4 person’s are sitted. Told them to check it out. When I collect the car back, another guy handed over the car tome. I asked about the problem and was it fixed. Yes, but do not know what was fixed. Then I asked him to get the guy who registred the issue to call back. When he called back, to my suprise he said they just did a visual check and every thing looks ok. Reason is the tester is not in today so they cannot test drive. When I sent the car the mieage was 39988 and when I collected it was 39903. And he told me to bring it back and get it fixed during next servce.
My simple question was, why I was not informed until I asked about it When they called me to say car is ready for collection, why this was not informed to me.
This was 2nd incident when a issue is not fixed and not being informed to me by the Glenmarie TCEAS. I called the office to speak to the Manager, left my details and it is 50 mins now, waiting for return call.
They close at 5pm and I have to collect car by 5pm. They cannot wait till after 5pm. No matter what you must collect your car by 5pm.
No sense of customer service at all.
My previous car Honda, they’ll wait till 7pm if they have to.

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